Mundo Gamer: what is the Brazilian scenario and why support it?

As part of the main means of entertainment, electronic games continue to expand. Keeping up with this movement is critical, especially for tech companies, as the developer industry has grown by 169% in the country.

The gaming industry continues to grow without stopping. A few years ago, it would have been hard to believe that video games would become so established in all strata of society, moving between different age and social groups, to the extent that they would even evolve into a professional form, with esports, and not just as hobbies. However, this is what we have observed in a striking way in recent times, especially when we analyze the force with which the digital world has been used recently.

The number of Brazilians who use electronic games for entertainment reached 74.5% this year, according to an annual survey conducted by Pesquisa Game Brasil (PGB). According to the company, this represents approximately three out of four people who use games, whether as entertainment, profession or lifestyle, via mobile phones, consoles or computers. This is the highest number ever recorded in the country.

Among the most interesting data, I single out the female presence, which makes up 51% of Brazilian players, and the strong presence of the middle class, which represents 62.7% of this audience. In addition, the survey pointed out that gamers are not only into games, but into everything that encompasses the gaming universe, as 76.5% have games as their main form of entertainment and leisure. Before the social isolation imposed by the pandemic, the recorded number was almost 20% lower.

One of the great achievements of the gaming world is precisely that it has influenced not only people, but also an entire ecosystem that includes different types of companies, from manufacturers of processors, consoles and PCs to game developers, sales channels and even the film industry. The Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers (Abragames) launched the 1st National Game Industry Survey this year, noting that Brazil has grown from 375 game development companies to 1,009 in the last four years, a jump of 169%. In the month in which we are close to the Brasil Game Show, one of the biggest events for this audience and which will finally return in a face-to-face format, the promotion of this industry is really very important for the market of our country.

Game development studios have jumped to Brazil in recent years (Image: DC_Studio/Envato Elements)

After all, the research also states that games moved $180 billion last year alone, with Brazil contributing 4% of this total. It may not seem like much, but it’s a number that confirms the fact that the gaming world is no longer a trend, but something very well established and booming. In addition, it is a sector that increasingly needs a range of products that meet the needs of users.

That is, as games have evolved greatly in a relatively short time, technological changes have had to keep up with that growth to support expansion. We can list several types of structures, from powerful high-performance processors, graphics cards with excellent image and performance, cameras and microphones of excellent quality for streaming and, of course, ergonomic chairs to avoid inadequate posture, speed and security of the Internet connection, among many other points. Therefore meeting these needs as this scenario develops contributes to the development of this community which is now going through a moment of greatest expansion.

Therefore, the technology industry should also take into account, in the midst of developing new products and solutions, that it is crucial to provide players with the best experiences so that they can achieve top results. Regardless of the platform, the style of the user – whether it is professional, casual, big enthusiast – and the type of game. After all, this is a way to monitor and promote game development not only in the country, but also worldwide, since Brazil is known to have competitive esports teams, for example, as well as excellent professionals who are increasingly excelling in the market of game development and creation. Therefore, offering them the best technological solutions, from connectivity, structure and design, is essential to keep the business running at full steam while maintaining a dialogue with this demanding part of the population.

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