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The beginning of spring marks opportunities to increase business income; a retail expert shares tips on how to use the season for more sales. Credits: Freepik

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year, without a doubt, is spring. Apart from the season that promotes a climate endowed with flowers, sun and warmth, with continued activity in many areas, this time of year can also bring positive results for increasing business income. One of the sectors that has provided great opportunities for entrepreneurs is online sales, so applying strategies for higher sales this season can be one of the alternatives for increasing business results.

With this in mind, Andrei Dias, Head of Sales at Nexaas, a Retail Tech specialist in retail innovation, outlines five main ways to attract more consumers and increase online sales as spring arrives. Check:

1. Adapt your products to the season

With higher temperatures, spring brings a series of sunny days. Therefore, it is necessary to offer products that meet this seasonal demand. “It is important to remember that this demand varies depending on the business segment, but the rule applies to everyone, they invest in updating or offer products that have the “face” of the season. With this, in addition to new sales, the business will be able to attract new consumers,” concludes Dias.

2. Invest in digital

There is no doubt that the Internet and e-commerce have been the solution for many businesses to start and make money. Therefore, it is valid to implement and update, whenever possible, digital business. “With the pandemic, many Brazilians have found comfort and security in online shopping. One of the trends that should remain among consumers is online shopping. In the spring, this search can be intensified by updating the items for the season,” he says.

3. Offer promotions and discounts

Promotions can be decisive when consumers choose and therefore help attract and retain new customers. ” The arrival of spring coincides with the rise of inflation in several sectors. Therefore, the consumer trend, more than ever, will be to offer products online and promotions,” he says. “These promotional actions can happen in different ways, such as discount coupons and ‘take two and pay for one,'” he adds.

4. Develop ads and marketing strategies

Social networks and outreach strategies, such as the use of marketing, are alternatives that a company can use to reach its target audience and gain new consumers for the venture. “Through a combined analysis of key social media performance indicators, including organic content and ads, lead conversions and sales, it’s possible to track whether a marketing strategy is working. It’s a collaborative tool for retail brands, helping to attract new consumers using data and social,” he explains.

5. Prioritize technology

For those who want to sell more, the advice is to bet on tools and technologies that help optimize sales at the checkout, after all, fast processes avoid empty carts. Just to give you an idea, the average cart abandonment rate in Brazil is 82%. With this in mind, it is necessary to create alternatives so that customers do not abandon their purchases. “A tip to encourage e-commerce is to offer several payment options, as well as make available discount coupons, free shipping, among other actions that help build customer loyalty. Shortening the purchase process is also important. During periods like spring, buyers take the opportunity to research prices.

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THE nexaas is Retail Tech, a retail innovation specialist, born in 2018, part of a tight investment group in digital solutions, B2B software, B2C software, e-commerce software, artificial intelligence, among others, seeking sustainable growth accelerated and value creation through continuous innovation.

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