Check out 14 types of credit cards that are easy to get approved for

Black Friday is approaching and some people want to have a credit card to take advantage of the benefits. It is an ideal card that is easy to approve. This year, Black Friday will be held on November 25.

Many people want to have a credit card with a high limit that is easy to get approved for, but it is not always feasible. This is because the decision to approve or disapprove any loan product is always made by the financial institution, and each of them has its own criteria for approval.

These sales cards, issued by gas stations, furniture companies, e-commerce, supermarkets, among other types of establishments, are easier to contract because their credit analysis is usually more superficial. On the other hand, this convenience comes at a price: the interest rates applied to these products are usually much higher to compensate for the issuer’s risk.

Generally, the initial card limit is low, and as a person uses and pays their credit card bill on time and in full, the limit tends to increase over time.

However, another credit card option that is easy to get approved for is a prepaid card. This is because it requires the customer to “top up” it in advance with the amount they wish to spend. As it is a card that does not carry any risk for the issuer, it is the easiest card to approve on the market.

In addition, a payday credit card usually has an easier approval, as the bill payment is related to the welfare of pensioners, INSS pensioners and civil servants, and also offers almost no risk of non-payment.

Check out 14 credit cards that are easy to get approved for:

1 – Pan International Card

The card charges an annual fee. With it, it is possible to control costs and limit through the application, have cash back and the PAN Mais program in which every dollar spent is converted into 1 point that can be exchanged for products and services.

2 – Pan Gold Card

It has practically the same characteristics as the international Pan card, but offers a more interesting points program: in this option, for every dollar spent, the consumer receives 1.2 cashback points.

3 – Pan Platinum Card

The difference of this card is that it offers an even better points program: with it, the user gets 1.5 points for every dollar spent.

4 – BTG+ international Mastercard card

BTG offers its clients three types of credit cards. Black, advanced and basic. All are issued under the Mastercard brand, have a contactless feature (payment by approximation), a digital wallet via Apple Pay and Google Pay, among other features.

5 – BV card

With BV Gold cards, it is possible to accumulate 1 point per dollar spent (in invoices up to R$ 1,000 per month) and 1.2 points per actual in invoices from R$ 1,000.01 to 2,000. Above that amount, points remain the same: 1.2 per dollar spent.

6 – Digit

The Digio credit card offers free annual fees and allows for international purchases. In addition, it is accepted in more than 24 million institutions worldwide.

7 – DMCard Mastercard International

The card has a chip and contactless technology and a dynamic security code in the DM application to make the customer more secure when shopping online. The monthly fee is R$ 14.90, but you only pay when there is an account. By using the card on the day of the best purchase, payment is 45 days!

8 – Blue Itaú Visa Gold

Card with free annual fee as long as BRL 2,000 is spent per invoice (with BRL 1,000 spend per invoice, guarantee a 50% reduction in the annuity installment). It offers 6000 bonus points when you spend R$2000 per invoice on the first three invoices.

9 – Press Itaú Mastercard Platinum

The Click Itaú card has a 100% free annual fee. In addition, it offers benefits such as: Tag Itaú without monthly fees, for direct passage through tolls and parking lots throughout Brazil; Itaú Cards app to track expenses online, pay bills, check discounts; payment with digital wallets; payment by virtual card; up to four additional cards without an annual fee; Iphone Forever program; exclusive Mastercard benefits.

10 – Extra Itaú international visa

Among the advantages of the Extra Internacional card, the following stand out: 50% discount on rent for a certain period of time; exclusive offers in Extra stores, for selected items; 10% discount on all Qualitá products; 20% discount on all fairs, fish markets and frozen desserts; up to 50% discount in cinemas and other Itaú card benefits; 100% digital account.

11 – Latam Itaú Mastercard Gold

Latam Itaú Mastercard Gold requires a minimum income of R$2500. The annuity is free if you spend R$ 2000 per invoice (spending R$ 1000 per invoice guarantees a 50% reduction in the value of the annuity – if you do not reach this amount, the annuity will be in 12 installments of R$ 36.50 or R$ 438.00 ).

12 – Pão de Açúcar Itaú Visa International

Among the advantages of the Pão de Açúcar Internacional card, the following stand out: free annual fee with no minimum fee; 20% discount on wines and sparkling wines, special beers, cheeses and Qualitá, Taeq and Casino products.

13 – Santander SX card

The SX card is international and offers a limit of R$250, with discounts at various Esfera partners. To eliminate the annual fee, simply choose to spend R$100 on invoiced purchases or register and keep your CPF and mobile as Pix Keys in Santander.

14 – Will Bank

The main advantage of the Will bank credit card is that it does not charge an annual fee or other maintenance fees. The card is issued under the Mastercard brand and is an international card. There is also a black version of the Will Bank card.

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