7. RM announces the opening of three new selection processes

The Brazilian Army, through the Command of the 7th Military Region (7th RM) covering the states of Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, announces the completion of three new selection processes. The objective is to select technical officers, technical sergeants and corporals of basic, intermediate/technical and higher level specialists to provide military service, where they will carry out specialized technical activities within the Brazilian Army (EB).

There are opportunities for the following positions:

Notice No. 3

  • Temporary technical officer: Management; Architecture; Archivistics; Librarianship; Biologist; Social communication – with a degree in journalism; Social communication – with a qualification for public relations; Accounting sciences; Biological Sciences (Bachelor’s Degree); Law; Physical education (bachelor’s degree); General nursing; Nursing with specialization in intensive care; Nursing – audit of health systems; Environmental engineering; Construction industry; clinical engineering; Electrical engineering; Forest engineering; Chemical engineering; Mechanical engineering; Mining; Automotive engineering; Computer engineering; Telecommunications engineering; Cartographic engineering; Production engineering; Physiotherapy; Physiotherapy with specialization in acupuncture; Respiratory physiotherapy; Speech therapy; Geology; Geography (bachelor’s degree); History (Bachelor); Informatics – computer networks; Informatics – system analysis; Computing with Linux Debian and Vm Ware course and configuration of DELL switches; Computer science with PHP and MySQL certification; Diploma in Literature (Portuguese); Diploma in Literary Studies (Portuguese) with specialization in special and inclusive education; Diploma in Literature (Spanish); Diploma in Literature (English/Portuguese); Diploma in Literature (English language); Mathematics (bachelor’s degree); Museology; diet; Pedagogy (bachelor’s degree); Psychology; Psychopedagogy with specialization in special and inclusive education; chemistry (bachelor’s degree); Social service; Theology – Catholic.

Notice No. 4

  • Temporary technical sergeant – Administrative technician; Food technician; Clinical analysis technician; Library technician; Computer graphics technician; Accounting technician; Construction technician; Electrical technician; Electronics technician; Care technician; Geological technician; hosting technician; IT technician – system development; Computer Technician – Java Development; Computer technician – computer networks; Computer technician – support and maintenance of microcomputers; Teaching technician; Car maintenance technician; Car maintenance technician – electrician; Industrial mechanical technician; Environmental technician; Mining technician; didactic multimedia technician; Museum technician; Nutritionist technician; Cultural production technician; Dental-prosthetic technician; Advertising Technician; Radiological technician; Radiological technician with specialization in mammography; Refrigeration and air conditioning technician; occupational safety technician.

Notice No. 5

  • Temporary professional cable – D or E category driver; assistant construction electrician; Hydraulic fire extinguisher; Joiner; Auto electrician assistant; Assistant car mechanic; Chef; Masonry (Mason).

To apply for one of the opportunities, the candidate must prove the level of education required for the position in which he wants to work, be at least 40 years old on the day of establishment, as well as a minimum height of 1.60 m, if male, and 1.55 m tall, if is female, among other requirements contained in the notices.

Upon admission, the specialist will receive a monthly salary of R$ 2627.00 to R$ 7315.00.

application and selection

Those interested can apply from September 19, 2022 until 15:00 on September 29, 2022 (Recife time), at 7th RM website.

Candidates will be ranked in three stages, as follows:

  • Curriculum analysis;
  • Assessment of the pedagogical ability of practice (only for teaching specialties);
  • Health inspection – from January 4 to 5, 2023 (public announcements 3 and 5); and January 9 to 11, 2023 (Notice No. 4);
  • Physical fitness test – from February 6 to 7, 2023 (public notices 3 and 5); and February 8 to 10, 2023 (No. 4).
  • Additional selection for establishment

More details can be found in the full notices, available for inspection in the attachment.

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