TJ/MS will replace 5,000 machines to upgrade the technology park

STI (Secretariat for Information Technology), TJ/MS (Court of Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul) started this week to change the work computers of judges. According to STI’s strategic plan, to upgrade the technology park of the judiciary, in the first phase, 322 computers were acquired to replace the workstations of judges, directors of secretaries and servers who need machines of the same specifications to perform their activities.

For the implementation of the second stage, TJ/MS intends to purchase another 1,500 machines, whose public announcement should be published in the following days, and to distribute the equipment to servers in the inland regions. The plan also highlights the intention to acquire another 1,900 computers in 2023 to replace other outdated computers – which will close the cycle of strategic and priority planning actions, which will enable greater quality and safety in the work of judges and servers.

According to the director of STI, Luciano Correia Pereira Filho, the intention was not to replace all the machines, however, the new version of the Microsoft Windows operating system used for work is not compatible with any computer used by Sulmato justice.-grossense until then, which also helped the current administration in the decision to invest in the new technology park. After an extensive analysis of requirements and needs for security, integrity and performance of the computer resources of the MS judiciary, as well as the technological backwardness of computers, the only viable and effective alternative was the creation of a replacement plan for the entire technological park. until 2025

“Weighing the pros and cons, we believe that planned equipment replacement is better to avoid having more than 5,000 compromised machines and several security vulnerabilities in October 2025. With the new computers, we will be able to better serve judges and officials in the interior and the Capital City, and as a result, this will result in an even safer and faster judiciary,” he explained.

The expectation to avoid cybersecurity issues, according to server Clóvis Antonio Presotto Jr, of STI and organizer of the strategic plan for replacements, is that by the end of 2023, all new computers will be properly distributed and installed.

“The project was also based on the technological security risks that the judiciary of MS will be exposed to over the next few years, and by installing new workstations we will mitigate and even eliminate a number of threats and vulnerabilities, while providing current technological resources and in line with the needs of the judiciary. An important detail: the technology park consists of several models of computers, and the oldest ones for exchange were immediately included between 2008 and 2014, and most of them consist of items donated by CNJ and sent to the districts. bigger – which had the worst equipment at the time. In addition, those same locations will be the first to be served in this project, precisely because they did not receive new machines from the last purchase in 2015, because until then they had the latest ones from MS Pravosuđ,” he explained.

The Director of STI pointed out that priority will be given to replacing older machines with weaker performance, which means that internal districts will be served first – the Capital and Secretariats will be the last to receive a technological upgrade according to the project. .

“Larger inland regions will get new machines and only CPE in the capital – due to the specifics and other conditions of productivity in this area. Then, in 2023, it will be the turn of all other workstations to be replaced with Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system – which is practically all other internal regions that were not served in this first wave. We estimate that the second degree will be attended only after 2023″.

“It is an interesting detail that the warranty for these new computers is five years with service on all poles of MS Justice, but the technological characteristics of this equipment are designed to satisfactorily meet the needs of at least seven years,” added Clovis. .

It is important to note that since 2014, STI carries out all procurement of IT solutions in accordance with Decision no. preparation of Preliminary Technical Studies for each contracting procedure by the Public Administration. In this sense, the current procurement of computers was preceded by an extensive work of analysis and technical documentation.

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