The benefits of influencer marketing for your e-commerce

Influencers are people who have built an admirable following on social media. And their followers trust and follow them because of their impressive expertise in their specific field.

Evidence shows that referrals from influencers, whether on or off social media, tend to be effective.

According to research conducted by Nielsen, 92% of consumers worldwide trust word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family more than other types of advertising – a share that has increased over the years. And according to Shane Barker, 88.5% of marketers consider influencer marketing valuable to their overall strategy.

Want to know how influencer marketing can benefit your eCommerce brand? Discover five tips on the subject.

Influencer marketing: ROI and credibility

Influencer marketing has earned its place as an important marketing channel for e-commerce brands due to its impressive ROI, high influencer engagement rates and strategic online audience segmentation.

Brands can achieve their goals with influencer marketing by leveraging influencers’ credibility through sponsored referrals. In fact, it’s one of the most effective marketing initiatives for e-commerce brands, big or small. Many e-commerce companies have launched their brands with great success by partnering with influencers.

Want to know how influencer marketing can benefit your eCommerce brand? In this article, we will present five essential tips for this popular marketing tactic.

1) Increases brand recognition

Needless to say, a popular influencer post about your product or brand, to a dedicated audience of thousands or millions of people, will increase your brand awareness. Influencers actively engage with their audience and spark conversations about the brands they work with, creating buzz on social media.

2) Using influencer promo codes to increase sales

Are you using influencer marketing to get the word out about your brand? A great way to turn that reach into leads and sales is to use promo codes.

3) Go beyond digital

The influencer must share the same values ​​as your brand or product. It should look like the influencers chose the product or service themselves. The audience must feel the authenticity of the influencer.

4) Designing campaigns to exploit organic affinity

The “organic” nature of their brand loyalty makes influencer customers a brand’s greatest influencer marketing tool. Influencers also have the advantage of knowing your products inside out, making them ideal content creators for your brand. They genuinely use the products or services offered by the brand and therefore have authenticity in abundance, which is a key element for influencer marketing campaigns that convert.

When it comes to content creation, they will already have stories about what they like best about a particular product and why they decided to buy it in the first place. So don’t be afraid to embrace real-life anecdotes as part of your authentic influencer campaign.

5) Measuring goals and ROI

To get the best results from your influencer marketing campaign, set your goals right from the start. Do you want to increase brand awareness among a new audience, increase sales or launch a new product?

Be clear about what you want and how you will measure your ROI. Here are some ideas to get you started with metrics for your influencer marketing campaign:

  • Number of sales made through affiliate links
  • Number of visits to the website
  • Number of newsletter subscriptions
  • The number of followers on your brand account
  • Campaign hashtag engagements

And not forgetting the amount of quality brand new content created.

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