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Technology is increasingly present in all companies, regardless of activity and size. It has become fundamental for the development, infrastructure and management of the entire corporate environment. With digital transformation, companies had to modernize to meet new needs. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the best experts on the market who will assemble a qualified IT team.


Heloysa Oliveira, coordinator of Senac, points out that “the area has been enriched by the pandemic”

Information technology is the first topic of the Jornada project, which will show the advantages of professional training at Senac RN, present an updated portfolio and all the educational innovations that this institution offers its students. Trends and opportunities in the areas of activity that are most in demand today, such as health, communications, management and business and information technologies will be the topics that will be discussed within the Project. Projeto Jornada emerged from the partnership between Senac and Tribuna do Norte, with the aim of providing the public with more details about the different segments in which Senac as a vocational school operates. Videos were made with coordinators, instructors and students from a wide variety of fields, showing laboratories, classrooms and talking in more detail about some courses.

IT professionals are primarily responsible for company information management and data processing, with responsibility for all software, hardware, computer and software engineering.

The IT sector can be divided into seven areas of activity: Information security; Database administration; Network administration; Software quality; Hybrid Multicloud experts; Programming and technical support.

This growing computerization has led to major transformations in the field of technology, increasing the need to employ professionals specialized in various IT fields. Only in this way is it possible to support all the digital needs of organizations.

The network administrator course is a professional qualification course. It is an extensive course, with 200 hours, and the expert already goes to work in the market, in several areas, says Heloysa Oliveira, coordinator of the technology axis at Senac RN, she recalls that to understand the importance of information technology it is necessary to understand the movement of digital transformation. “This movement has already been happening for years, but it has been intensified by the pandemic. Our business is not only IT, but also the technology that runs through everything”.

For those looking for an opportunity to qualify for the labor market, Senac RN technical courses can be accessed at

Understand each area

1. Information security

Security is one of the key areas in the IT industry. It is necessary to have trained experts to protect the entire corporate network.

A team dedicated to this area must be able to create barriers to protect the company’s data, operating systems and equipment, while constantly monitoring the network to detect potential attacks.

In the event of a breach, data leak, or network attack, an information security professional must remove all threats.

2. Database administration

With the increasing flow of data generated by society, it is essential that companies can analyze and interpret as much information as possible from their customers.

The expert responsible for this task must maintain a robust and complete database for performing big data analyses. In addition, it must perform functions such as managing, installing and monitoring corporate data.

3. Network administration

Another key expert for the smooth functioning of the entire company is the network administrator. It is he who maintains the integration of all sectors through the network as well as the connection to the Internet.

A network specialist must have extensive technical knowledge as advanced skills related to hardware and software are required.

4. Software quality

Less well known than the others, this area is responsible for taking care of software development phases to identify possible product bugs.

This function is very important for companies, as an expert ensures that the applications work properly before users start using them.

5. Hybrid Multicloud experts

Hybrid Multicloud has become a key part of any company’s smooth operation. Therefore, it makes a big difference to have an expert on that topic within the organization.

This specialist is a strategic specialist who must have the ability to plan, execute and direct data processing and storage capacity in various clouds.

6. Programming

Those responsible for this area are responsible for converting computer codes into programs that users can use.

Technical knowledge of programming languages ​​is required to perform this function.

7. Technical support

To be a technical support specialist, an IT specialist must solve technological problems that are part of the day-to-day of other company employees, such as fixing computers, guaranteeing access to systems, among other tasks.

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