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According to the IDC Brazil PCs Tracker study, conducted by IDC Brasil, the year 2021 ended with a 37% increase in PC sales in the Brazilian market compared to the previous year. Data from the study showed that 8.7 million machines were sold during the year.

This is a reflection of the importance of computers in the lives of Brazilians, who today use computers for work, study and even entertainment. Still in the PC market, something that is always on the rise is the sale of PC components and parts, such as peripherals, processors, coolers, SSDs, among others.

One of the ways Brazilians find their way to get these pieces is through the internet, which has many options from national and international sites to buy the products at bargain prices. Next, we’ll present the top 10 places to buy computer parts according to Brazilian consumers.

1. KaBoom!

KaBuM! is one of the online stores that sell the computer components most sought after by Brazilians. It is a well-known and trusted site where you can find a wide variety of computer parts, from hardware, which are physical parts, to software, which are systems and programs. Among the items that can be found there are: processors, memories, coolers, video cards, controllers and much more.

2. Pichau

Founded in 2007, Pichau is another very relevant store in the Brazilian IT market. You can find a wide range of computer components, such as processors, motherboards, video cards, hard drives (HD), SSD, power supply, case, among other products. In Picha, there is also the possibility for the customer to assemble a computer with the desired configurations.

3. Magazine Luiza

Luiza magazine, now called Magalu, is also among the sites that sell all kinds of products most famous to Brazilians, such as furniture, household appliances, bicycles, car parts, and computer parts. Through the marketplace system, Magalu offers products such as motherboards, processors, monitors, peripherals and many other products.

4. bring IT

BringIT is a store specializing in the sale of screens, fonts, keyboards and batteries for various laptop models, which is a great option for all those who cannot find these items for their laptop. But the company doesn’t just sell that, you can also find computer components, like coolers, video cards, motherboards, RAM, processors and more.

5. Amazon

The world’s most famous online store is also a popular place for Brazilians to buy computer components. Amazon, which was founded in 1994, is an international site with many options for those looking for computer parts, such as: headsets, mice, keyboards, SSDs, monitors, HDs, processors, laptops, desktops and more. Since the store is international, there is a greater variety of brands and products than Brazilian stores.

6. AliExpress

Another international store with many options for computer parts is AliExpress, which is one of the favorites for online shopping among Brazilian consumers. You can find all kinds of computer parts and components in this store, which is a great option for those looking for variety and more affordable prices. The store even offers an AliExpress discount coupon for consumers to save.

7. Free market

Mercado Livre is another international place that Brazilians highly seek out to buy computer parts and components. The site works through a market system, where there is a wide selection of products that come from different parts of the world, including Brazil. There you can buy all kinds of parts and components, such as peripherals, coolers, memories, video cards or motherboards, among others.

8. Terabyte

Terabyte is already known in the IT market, among the best companies in the field. The store offers a wide selection of PC components, such as processors, video cards, RAM memory, among others. There is also the option of buying complete gaming PCs, peripherals, laptops, gaming monitors and more.

Although they are very reliable stores and famous among Brazilians, it is always worth being careful when shopping online. Therefore, follow the recommendations of cyber security experts, such as checking if the site is safe, do not believe in miracle offers, be careful when giving out personal information and read all information before buying. And in the case of sites with a marketplace system, there is also a guideline to check if the seller who is advertising has good recommendations from other customers.

These are some of the tips from bodies such as PROCON and PROTESTE, which deal directly with consumer spending issues.

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