More sophisticated computers: meet the new Kinetic tower

When many people think of technology, they most often think of objects that have managed to simplify life and everyday life. For example, when they imagine a busy schedule, some people automatically think of a virtual Google calendar; when they think they don’t want to cook for dinner, they automatically think of a restaurant on Uber Eats.

The list does not stop there, because technological evolution is in the most diverse possibilities. When people want to choose a movie, they no longer go anywhere to buy a VHS tape, they just open one of the countless streaming platforms available today. When they want to bet online, they can access platforms such as, which allows players to enjoy themselves without leaving home.

These were just some examples of the evolution that technology allows today. However, what not everyone thinks is that all this technology is only possible thanks to the new hardware available. Mobile phones, tablets and computers are becoming more and more developed every day, and that’s why there are so many applications that make people’s everyday lives easier.

Evolution of technology

Gone are the days when people had computers that performed only the most basic tasks — for example, typing texts and accessing simple web pages of very questionable graphic quality. Nowadays, computers are already very different from what they used to be, both in terms of processing and development, as well as in an aesthetic sense, which allows, for example, the Metaverse to become an increasingly realistic possibility.

Fortunately, the new options are nothing like the first ones, which allows users, in addition to choosing the best internal components, to make choices that do not compromise the aesthetics of the workspace. In some cases, it’s just the opposite: the towers of some computers are so beautiful that they can even be configured as a decorative element.

Another positive point is that nowadays it can be said that there are computers for all tastes and pockets. From computers used by students, which normally only need simpler components for basic operations, to computers for players, which usually require much more advanced settings. Additionally, there are machines developed for different types of occupations: a graphic designer will obviously need a much more advanced machine than a cycle teacher; likewise, a developer will need a lot more resources than a lawyer.

All these possibilities mean that every day there are new pieces that make up the puzzle needed for a computer, and the best part is that this way people can decide to buy exactly what they need.

Great value for money parts

Another factor that deserves importance today and has improved significantly over the years has been the cost-effectiveness of some computers, both at the desktop and laptop level. There are more and more parts with a price that can be borne by a large part of the population — unlike the first computers that had poor performance, and moreover were bought at very high prices and intended only for those who earned very high salaries. One of these examples of excellent value for money is the new Kinetic tower, which promises a premium configuration at a price that does not drive away potential buyers.

See details on the new Kinetic Tower

CyberPowerPC’s new bet has everything to be one of the big names of 2022. In addition to having an exclusive design, capable of attracting the attention of people who bet on machines, as well as an element of sophistication, the interior of the piece does not leave anything to be desired. Kinetic proves that the interior and exterior can be harmonized to the highest quality, which is not always something common in the technological environment.

One of the great roles of this novelty, without a doubt, is the performance of the machine. Kinetic has 18 individual vents that optimize the temperature of the tower in relation to the ambient temperature. In addition, CyberPowerPC bet on reducing noise without losing performance quality, by maximizing airflow to allow efficient case cooling.

Contrary to what might be expected from the features listed so far, the new case does not have unusual prices. The tower is expected to hit the market in the third quarter of 2022, with a price that may not reach 300 euros – which is great for the promised specifications and only raises the bar for the market.

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