Instituto Nu signs a partnership to promote the programming course

In May, digital bank Nubank launched a branch focused on social responsibility: Instituto Nu. This aims to promote the popularization of financial education and the reduction of social inequality.

The organization has just been launched a new project that aims to train people to work with computer programming. In this text, we reveal to you how the opportunity works and how you can apply. Check it out!

What is the Nu Institute?

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Instituto Nu is an initiative of Nubank, which aims to help the bank promote its mission of financial inclusion.

With the motto “For the running of those who have always run”, the Institute takes another step forward, striving to act on three main axes: education for employability, entrepreneurship and social innovations.

Projects supported by the institute aim to foster personal and business growth in Brazilian communities and favelas.

According to Cristina Junqueira, president of the Institute and co-founder of Nubank: “Instituto Nu emerged to advance our values ​​of innovation and disruption the status quo. The entity will give voice and space to what is happening on the periphery based on our principles of influencing people’s lives”.

New project: computer programming course

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Now Instituto Nu has signed a partnership with edtech MAIS1CODE, which works on training people from the periphery, to launch a new project that gives continuity to the technological education program.

Together they drive a a course for 700 people who will learn computer programmingto be able to work in this growing field.

The training is completely free. on the line and will contain live lessons, lasting 1h30, which will be conducted on a digital platform. In addition, students will be able to do practical exercises, have supporting material and space to ask questions.

Classes will begin in October 2022 and should last until August 2023. According to Tauan Matos, founder of MAIS1CODE, the first phase of the project includes a 6-week digital literacy program called Lab Mindset, which will standardize the participants’ knowledge of the programming language.

In the second phase, students join the MAIS1CODE University, where they will receive training in programming, along with English lessons at the 4WAY language school.

Finally, in the third phase, students will participate in development paths, in order to prepare for entering the labor market.

According to Matoš: “The goal of MAIS1CODE with the support of the Nu Institute is to ‘reprogramming’ young people economically and socially from teaching programming to those people’s available reality. We want to be a tool that will help heal the pain of communities and make these people the protagonists of their own journeys”.

How to participate in the project?

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Everyone interested in participating in the project they must apply for the selection procedure. The form is available from September 12 on the MAIS1CODE website and social networks.

No prior knowledge of programming, mathematics or English is required. However, the application requirements include income: the project favors people with a family income of less than R$5,000 and who live in peripheral neighborhoods in Brazil.

Initially, the program will give priority to residents of the states that have a priority role for Instituto Nu: Amazonas, Pará, Bahia, Pernambuco, Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Other conditions for participation are:

  • fill in all the information on the application form correctly;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have access to a computer with internet;
  • have the possibility to devote at least 1.5 hours a day to the course.

The result of the selection will be available October 7, 2022. Those selected will receive an email from the MAIS1CODE team confirming the vacancy.

Why study programming?

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Many experts say that in the future, know how to program it will be basic knowledge like reading and writing. Since we live in a world permeated by technologies, it is fair to believe that these languages ​​will be more and more present in our lives.

In addition, knowledge of programming can open up many job opportunities, both in Brazil and in other countries. There is also the advantage that this is a job that can be done remotely – so the chances of job creation are greatly increased.

Did you feel interested? If you meet the requirements of the project, this could be yours a great opportunity to learn programming. Good luck!

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