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Consumers interested in Dell laptops should decide on their purchase option considering the four different lines offered by the brand in Brazil: Vostro, Latitude, Inspiron and XPS. Each of them corresponds to a different usage profile and pocket.

Before discussing each of them separately, you should familiarize yourself with the naming standard that Dell uses for its computers. They are divided into series that represent the generation of each product. The Inspiron 3000 series, for example, tends to have lower specs than the Inspiron 5000.

You will then find out what the differences between the lines are, what their profiles are and the price ranges in which the products offered in each of them are located.

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Dell offers many models of laptops for purchase in Brazil. See which one is best for you. — Photo: Playback/Dries Augustyns/Unsplash

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The strength of the Vostro 5480 is the ability to choose a laptop with good portability at a low price — Photo: Disclosure / Dell

Traditionally, the name Vostro is associated with more spartan computers, created for corporate use. Currently, Dell has only one model of this series for sale in Brazil. The Vostro 5480 (series 5000) is a thin notebook with a 14-inch screen and interesting configuration options, which can combine a Core i7 with a dedicated Nvidia card in the form of a Geforce GT 830M.

Prices range from 2099 BRL, in the simplest configuration, to 3799 BRL, for the Vostro with Core i7, 8 GB of RAM, Nvidia graphics card and 500 GB hard drive.

Despite the interesting prospect of combining a good processor with a dedicated graphics card, the Vostro 5480 is not a good option for those who want a computer for entertainment, as the HD resolution screen (only 1366 x 768 pixels) leaves something to be desired.

Latitude has simpler computers, ideal for those who want a computer for texting and browsing the Internet — Photo: Disclosure / Dell

Like the Vostro, Latitude laptops are designed for corporate use, marketed to companies that need functional, simple and robust machines for their employees. Domestic consumers can buy Latitude laptops in Brazil, such as the 3000 series sold by Dell.

The only model available in the country is the 3450, which has a 14-inch screen. With no ambitions to be a thin and highly portable laptop, the Latitude has the advantage of offering VGA and Ethernet ports for those who still depend on this type of interface.

With prices ranging from R$2577 to R$4177, the Latitude has a top-of-the-line configuration that features a Full HD display, a dedicated Nvidia graphics card (the same 830M available in the Vostro) and a combination of Core i7 and 8GB of RAM, the Latitude is a better bet than Vostra for entertainment, although at this price point consumers can find better options from other manufacturers and Dell itself.

Inspiron combines simpler computers with more powerful and versatile machines, such as the Inspiron 5000 SE in the photo — Photo: Disclosure / Dell

For a long time, the Inspiron line represented Dell laptops for home use, but at more affordable prices. This is changing with the advent of products with better finishing and configuration options.

It is Dell’s strongest line in the country, as there are several models available. Starting with the representative of the 3000 series: from R$ 1649, consumers can take home computers with screens of 14 or 15 inches, ideal for simple use, which includes text editing and the Internet.

The situation is different when the interest turns to the products of the 5000 series. With a 15-inch screen, the Special Edition products are more focused on entertainment, gaming and greater use of files. The Inspiron 5000 SE offers a full HD touch screen and configurations that even offer a Core i7 Skylake with 16GB of RAM, along with a 1TB hybrid drive and an AMD M265 graphics card (or a Geforce 930M, better than the AMD option on some models) . In this case, the values ​​can reach R$ 4549.

Compared to the 5000 series, there are also Inspiron 5000s that do not have Special Edition in their name. In this case, they are slightly simpler machines, closer to the 3000 models. They might be of interest to those looking for computers that still offer a DVD drive.

Inspiron also has 2-in-1 computers, 13 and 15 inches, between the 7000 series — Photo: Disclosure / Dell

In addition to these options, the Inspiron line has 7000 series products in a 2-in-1 format. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch models allow the user to rotate the screen 360 degrees for use as a tablet. 2-in-1 machines start at R$2699 in the simplest configuration of the 13-inch model, with Core i3. The most expensive is the 15-inch version, for R$ 4199.

The XPS 13 is Dell’s MacBook for Windows — Photo: Handout/Dell

For those who want maximum performance, greater portability and better design, XPS has always been the best choice among Dell computers. Currently, there is only the XPS 13 sold in Brazil, although there are other models of the line abroad.

Extremely well-known, the XPS 13 model has a slim, elegant design and a finish that mixes aluminum and carbon fiber. In Brazil, Dell is already selling a revision of the 2016 model, with Skylake processors and an almost bezel-less touchscreen.

The screen, perhaps, which is the highlight of the product in the national market, since it offers 3200 x 1800 pixels of resolution in a market where computers with a screen of 1366 x 768 are still very common. In Brazil, Dell sells two versions of the XPS 13: with Core i5 and 128GB SSD for R$8,500 and Core i7 and 256GB SSD for R$9,600.

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