Civilian police seized two computers in a harassment investigation

Civil police seized two computers, and experts searched the premises of Campo Grande City Hall. The teams arrived at the scene in the early morning hours of this Tuesday (9) to execute a search and seizure order. The operation was carried out due to an investigation launched to look into complaints against former mayor Marquinhos Trado (PSD).

Competent representative Maíra Pacheco told reporters that the material collected was relevant to the investigation.

“We came to fulfill a search and seizure warrant. We confiscated the computers and that’s the most we can say because of the legal secrecy in which the process takes place. We have seized elements of information that may be relevant to the ongoing investigation,” said the delegate.

She confirmed that it is a process that includes the candidate for the Government, Marquinhos Trada, and that technical experts were in the premises that marked the victims, took photos, scouted the places. “Experts were at those places because of the hypothesis that it was a crime scene.”

At Paç there were teams from DEAM (Specialized Police Station for Assistance to Women), DEPCA (Specialized Police Station for the Protection of Children and Adolescents) and Technical Expertise.


City officials complained about the timing of the police action. The executive director of communications, Vacil José de Oliveira, cited the alleged ‘spectacle’.

“We are at the disposal of Justice. Everyone wants everything to be clarified. It is good that the population is aware of the need to clarify, and at the same time be aware of a possible spectacle, which can happen at the expense of the election period. attention to the moment and motivation. We respect the work of the police. “

Colonel Ajala, the security coordinator in Paço municipality, said that the operation could have been carried out at another time and that the situation embarrassed the servers. “You don’t need that. We need a clean and real job. Our lawyer received a team. We had to open the Plenarinho to accommodate the employees, and it’s 9 in the morning and our employees can’t do the service.”

Defense of Marquinhos

In a note, the council of the former mayor said that “although it was carried out in a media way, with the presence of several police vehicles, in order to harm the candidacy for the state government of Marquinhos Trada (PSD), this Tuesday’s operation is in favor of the defense, because it will prove that some of the alleged victims were never in the municipality of Campo Grande, proving an ongoing set-up.”

“Marquinhos Trad is the victim of an orchestrated campaign targeting his candidacy, and Trad’s lawyers, Dr. Andréa Flores and Dr. Rejana Alves de Arruda, have already taken a series of legal actions against the smear campaign, based on false accusations. The movement began in the pre-campaign, when a group seeking to undermine the former mayor’s candidacy co-opted women to file false reports of sexual harassment.


Last month, the secretary of Sejuspa (Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security), Antônio Carlos Videira, confirmed that at least three women had reported harassment and that the cases were being investigated. The former mayor denies the accusations and talks about political use.

According to Metrópoles, the three victims gave almost the same version of the facts, saying that they had financial difficulties and were attracted to the office of the then mayor of Campo Grande.

The women explained in their testimonies that they were wooed by Marquinhos Trad, who used magic card tricks and then expressed a desire for sex. Employment in the town hall was also promised.

Of the three women who claim to be victims of Trad, two claim that for some time they had consensual sexual relations inside the mayor’s office.

Delegate Maíra Pacheco, responsible for the case, explained that the investigation “is proceeding in the absolute secrecy of justice, not only to protect the physical and mental integrity of the victims, but also in relation to the suspects of crimes who are being investigated there. time”.

For the delegate, it is necessary to be careful not to cause exposure or prejudice. She also confirmed that she is materializing the investigation with some diligence.

Marquinhos Trad refutes this and says that it is not the first time that they try to destabilize him. He reminds that before leaving the Campo Grande City Hall, new attacks would be carried out.

“In my case, the attacks started before April 2nd, by which they tried to dissuade me from the idea of ​​resigning, because they want to defeat the WO and are using all the tricks they can use. My daughters, my wife. We are sorry, but it was to be expected”.

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