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Business: 3 months in 10 years what happens in the world

We at GENIUZZ love being here, we will continue to talk about innovation, entrepreneurship, business, technology, transformation, digital strategies, financial education, along with consumer behavior.

However, we will deal with such a current, complex and chaotic topic with great pleasure.

After all, the world was already showing us signs, very mild waves – by the way – of change.

change the environment

We all coped with the flow of life, preoccupied with everyday life. Some scientists of trends, behavior, scenarios and Prediction (a discipline that studies the future through methodologies), presented us with situations of change in the world.

It turns out that we have a primitive brain living in a modern, post-digital world.

That! World 4.0 is no longer digital. We now live in an era where digital is omnipresent, i.e. in all places and at all times of our lives.

There is no more space to separate offline from online. And do you know why few people can understand and understand such signs of changes in the world?

Certainly 98% of human history was built during the agricultural revolution, and only 2% in the various industrial revolutions we have witnessed. By the way, we are in the 4th industrial revolution.

This data of our (re)evolution as a society supports the claim; we have a primitive brain living in this modern world.

So it takes decades to process the changes. That’s why there are geniuses who break the status quoand think 20, 30 years ahead of society.

They are people who have an exponential view of the world and work, breaking the line of linear thinking.

And what actually happened – until then – in the pandemic? Was the future anticipated? It is certain that the coronavirus was the accelerator of the future.

A biologist named Áttila Iamarino said the following:

“Our lives will change greatly from now on, and anyone who tries to hold back the status quo 2020, is someone who has not yet accepted this new reality.

Changes that would take decades for the world, and which we would voluntarily implement for a long time, we have to implement in fear, in a few months.”

We definitely agree very much with this statement. Look at the movement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Research has shown that this type of remote work will only be a reality in Brazil in 2030. Take a look 10 years in 03 months. 😉

Several companies are already planning to make the home office official among their employees and thus make remote work a reality as early as 2022/3.

Look at the growth of e-commerce (virtual stores).


Brazil saw an average increase of 400% in the number of stores opened in e-commerce. A 48% increase in sales compared to last year was also recorded.

Companies have been forced to deliver via delivery, the only survival solution for many entrepreneurs due to the quarantine.

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With customers social distancing, digital channels and platforms have become the only way.

What dragged on for the next few years was suddenly anticipated, by force, overnight, without time even for planning and structuring.

Speaking of time, companies and enterprises that want to survive in this new age scenario must be agile in their decision making.

Planning should be reviewed weekly, everything can change in days, hours.

Historically, strong brands grow up to 5 times faster and recover from crises faster.

And what are the main characteristics of these brands? I mention three here: agility, mindset change, and adaptability.

After all, what can we expect in the next 3 months? It’s hard to predict, I definitely wouldn’t risk it.

The big question is not to try to predict the future, but to be open to react quickly to what is coming.

After all, the future is ours to create. But it is not enough for everyone. Shall we create the future of business together?

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