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In February Microsoft is committed to bringing more frequent innovations to Windows, with monthly updates that focus on security to introduce new features. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t intend to stick to a calendar of major annual updates, as they explained to reporters. Aaron Woodman, Windows Marketing Manager and John Cable, Windows Servicing.

This is a free update and has no expiration date to apply,” said John Cable at last week’s conference limited to a limited number of journalists in which SAPO TEK also participated. The responsible person guarantees it Microsoft will keep up the pace Per year major updates and that this is more suitable for consumers, business users and IT managers in the enterprise and education markets.

See images of the new version of Windows 11 in the gallery:

to Aaron Woodman”most people don’t think about update dates, they just want to update their systems and be more secure“, but Microsoft’s concern is also to make life easier for IT managers in companies, who have to guarantee the updating of tens, hundreds or thousands of machines, without disturbing the normal work rhythm.

“We want it to be as simple an upgrade as possible, this is nirvana. In a perfect world, upgrades would be easier and less of a hassle for users, and that’s what happened,” emphasizes Aaron Woodman.

also for that the size of the update has been reduced, with a file size of 450 MBand in the case of monthly updates, Microsoft wants to limit the download to 100 MB.

THE the update will be suggested to Windows 11 users, who can decide when to install. The proposal is to do the process after working hours, which is also ecological, because these are periods of low energy consumption and more efficient use of energy. According to the company, Windows will now prioritize installing in the background during periods when renewable energy is being used, like wind, sun or water.

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Although this is a big update, it still doesn’t bring everything new. Some features will be available gradually, as early as October, in a process that lasts until November. This is the case of the new document navigation, known as the Tabbed File explorer.

How to install Windows 11 update

Who wants speeding up the installation of the new windows 11 can force a check in settings, in windows updatechecking if the update is already available and downloading it to your computer.

The update is available for those who already have Windows 11 but also for users who are still using Windows 10, if the equipment meets the minimum requirements and requirements. In this case, it is best to use the PC Health Check application.

THE Microsoft continues to defend that it is serving everyone who has Windows 10 and is unable or unwilling to update the operating system wellis that will continue to have tracking and security updates until October 14, 2025when Windows 12 should come out. Another Windows 10 update, version 22H2, is planned for next month.

During the presentation to the press, Aaron Woodman and John Cable declined to comment on the numbers and percentage of users who have already upgraded to Windows 11, noting that this is the largest software ecosystem in the world and that updates work well, with a monthly security update process. over 1.4 billion Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices.

The main news of Windows 11

Some of the new features include improvements to File Explorer, with a new home page for quick access to your favorite and most recent files. Users will be able to locate important documents more easily. The photo application will also be updated with a new image management experience, which will simplify their consultation. An equally smarter operating system is expected, which will offer “suggested actions”, such as copying phone numbers, dates, and other suggestions.including calls via Teams or Skype, as well as adding events to the Windows 11 calendar.

As for the taskbar, users will have access to an additional menu to view all redundant applications in one space. Finally, Microsoft will extend sharing to more devices, including other desktops with nearby sharing.

To increase user productivity, Windows 11 has new Snap layouts, as well as a new Focus feature. Basically, when you start a session in Windows, by activating the focus, the system will activate the Do Not Disturb function, which will silence notifications and other information on the taskbar. The Clock app will also take over these tools, in this case with timers to help the user manage their time.

Microsoft says this update introduces Smart App Control, to help users download any app safely. It basically blocks untrusted apps as well as malicious script files and macros in Windows 11. And to increase security, the tool works in real time, making predictions before the application is executed.

In terms of security, the new version introduces integrated hardware and software layers. ON Microsoft Defender SmartScreen identifies and alerts users when they enter credentials into a malicious application. There is another optional user presence detection feature, via Windows Hello, which identifies when the user leaves, locking the system immediately.

The new update also offers new accessibility tools on your PC, such as real-time captioning for live events, creating automatic captions from content audio. Users can even have voice access to control the computer and text. And finally, Natural Voices for Narrator, which adds more natural speech while reading or browsing the web.

Microsoft wants Windows 11 to be the best for the user and that’s why it offers new features in terms of productivity. The company says it’s improving Windows Studio Effects to improve visuals and sound, as well as introducing new creation tools. THE The Microsoft Store experience and the integration of the Game Pass gaming service into the operating system are also new features to consider in the update.

Video calls now benefit from updates to the Windows Studio camera and Voice Focus, which are said to reduce background noise as well as the ability to blur the scene behind the user. Systems such as eye contact and automatic framing help the user to always be focused and in the frame. THE The Clipchamp tool promises to make video editing easier, and even in games it introduces technologies like Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate for games running in Windowed mode..

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