Those who use #VempraOrdem to stay ‘in blue’ enjoy the services of OABRJ; meet the main

The services that OABRJ offers to active applicants are so numerous and so useful for the daily professional legal practice that a “baker’s bill” is enough to check whether it is worth staying even with Sectional, since the package prices charged by the market would greatly exceed the annual amount charged Order. The rent collected by the Order continues to maintain an active network of defense of prerogatives and a constant supply of professional qualifications, for example, whose value is immeasurable. A structure that is not brick-and-mortar like hundreds of service points with more than 300 digital offices distributed in the four corners of the country, but equally important for guaranteeing the full implementation of the law before the courts and other public bodies.

Do you already know the main services that OABRJ offers to colleagues? Check it out below, put it on top of your pen and enjoy Annuity recovery plan back to Red!

Digital cutout

It provides access to court publications in Rio de Janeiro and beyond and from up to four other countries, so that colleagues do not lose sight of court deadlines. If a lawyer were to get this same service on the market, he would have to pay about R$ 150 per month or R$ 1,800 per year.

Publications are available on the OABRJ portal, in Restricted area > Digital clip > History or via the Digital clip label. In addition, a daily e-mail with publication information is sent to the registered account.

For complete security, make it a habit to access Publication History, which is available 24 hours a day. Thus, it is possible to review received publications and check whether they have been sent to e-mail or not. For questions and additional clarifications, contact us by e-mail. [email protected]

Structure of professional support

OABRJ has about 320 digital offices (workrooms equipped with computers with web cameras that can hold a telepresence audience) set up in more than 200 service points in the country. They were safe havens for those who, for example, had to leave their own offices during the pandemic.

For comparison, if you decide to use an office in a coworking network, a lawyer would pay around BRL 800 per month or an average of BRL 70 per day in a private room.

Those who feel lost due to the accelerated virtualization of judicial services can count on OABRJ’s electronic petition centers that, in addition to computers, offer direct support for possible doubts and the installation of court programs on laptops.

If he used the Internet network in the center of Rio, the colleague would spend about R$ 7 per hour, not including the costs of printing or scanning documents.

Some of these digital offices and petition centers have been installed in newly renovated subdivisions and in new law offices – saving colleagues valuable commuting time. Not to mention the numerous rooms that the Order has in state forums.

See on the interactive map where to find the nearest OABRJ space.

prerogatives in office

The Rio de Janeiro Law Society has, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Prerogative Plan, a network of delegates activated by WhatsApp (21) 99803-7726. In total, there are about 1,500 prerogative delegates in the country.

OABRJ is the spokesperson for the most diverse legal requests before the courts and has already secured victories such as regulating prerogatives in virtual hearings, restarting the work of judges face-to-face, and promising complete digitalization of the TJRJ Collection by the end of the year.

It is no exaggeration to say that the strong institutional dialogue that the Department – through the Commission on Prerogatives – has established with the Secretariat for Prison Administration (SEAP) in recent years and the investments made by that entity in prison units are opening a new era in the class relationship with the prison system, an environment that historically hostile to the practice of law.

The construction of the Casa do Complexo Penitenciário de Gericinó, the first of its kind in prisons in Brazil, in August 2021, was a milestone in this new moment.

It is also no longer necessary to guess when the client will be heard at the custody hearing: before leaving home, the law firm can access the agenda provided by Seap to Sectional right here on the OABRJ portal, by clicking on the “Prerogatives” field in the home menu. There are routes to Benfica, Campos dos Goytacazes and Volta Redonda.

Good institutional traffic with Seap enabled integration with the Prison Identification System (Sipen) through the Restricted Area here on the OABRJ portal, and soon it will be possible to request information about procedures from the Civil Police without leaving home.

Professional qualification

There are many opportunities offered at no additional cost to those seeking professional development: the Escola Superior de Advocacia offers free lectures, lives and courses; The Digital Inclusion School associated with the Board of the same name holds numerous courses on court systems; and special commissions of the Order, a total of more than 120 groups dealing with the most diverse areas of law, promote weekly events that move the headquarters of the Section and OABRJ channel on YouTube.

The mentoring and professional certification project, coordinated by the OABRJ vice-presidency and the Secccional Legal Mentoring Committee, also offers various initiatives to support the improvement of advocacy.

Find out about upcoming workshops and courses via Events here on the OABRJ portal. Access the Sectional YouTube channel to watch over 2100 videos available.

Partnerships and agreements

The annual fee also includes a dental plan, which, if contracted separately, would cost an average of R$43 per month. In addition, the law firm has access Carj Advantage Club. Through contracts with clinics, restaurants, gyms and several other establishments, lawyers have benefits and discounts. Download the Caarj app in Palma da Mão and find out all the benefits.

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