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A mouse pad is an accessory that can complement the setup of many users. Whether you are playing or working, the tool can improve mouse performance and avoid wear and tear on the desk and peripherals, besides protecting the user and expanding the possibilities of actions on the PC.

On the market, it is possible to find mouse pads in different sizes, materials and prints. To help users, TechTudo has outlined six reasons to invest in an item that promises to make mouse operations even more efficient.

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A mouse pad can make work and play more enjoyable — Photo: Disclosure / HyperX

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1. Improve mouse performance

Mice have several technologies that can improve the user’s performance in games or even work productivity. A smooth surface like a mouse pad can ensure mouse technologies work more efficiently. Therefore, it is possible that the peripheral device provides better performance on a daily basis.

Another factor that can affect mouse performance is the size of the mouse pad you choose. Users who opt for a smaller accessory end up limiting the range of use of the mouse, which may not recognize actions when performed on other surfaces, such as glass tables, for example. The large mouse pad increases the area of ​​use, which allows the mouse to perform its role smoothly.

2. Prevents mouse wear

A mouse pad helps prevent wear and tear on the mouse — Photo: Reproduction/Amazon

The mouse pad can be made of fabrics that prevent wear and tear on the mouse base. Using peripherals directly on tables results in damage to the structure with scratches. Another important detail is to pay attention to the type of fabric used in the mouse pad. Choosing soft options can prevent the mouse from breaking down over time.

In addition to preventing peripheral wear and tear, using a mouse pad can help preserve your desk. Direct use of the device may scratch the surface over time. Oversized models also allow you to accommodate a keyboard, laptop and even a monitor.

The accessory can also protect the wrists — Photo: Reproduction/Amazon

In addition to thinking about improving the performance of the mouse and protecting your setup from damage, when choosing a mouse pad, you can also consider that the accessory guarantees comfort and safety. The smooth fabric prevents friction with surfaces that could injure the user.

Some models of mouse pads have wrist support. This makes it possible for dishes to offer more ergonomics for long-term work or play.

4. With a large mouse pad, you can choose the DPI you want

Logitech offers a model of a mouse pad with a print of characters from League of Legends — Photo: Disclosure / Logitech

Depending on the purpose of using the mouse, the size of the pad can affect the actions performed. Users looking for a work-only model, for example, may not care too much about peripheral DPI settings. However, for those who are focused on gaming, choosing the ideal DPI is essential.

Games that require the use of a lower DPI force the user to slide the mouse on the surface more often. In addition, a large mouse pad can provide more space to perform actions. It’s no different with high-DPI games, as more room to move the mouse can allow for more precise and faster movements.

5. People use mice differently

The larger the mouse pad, the larger the area the mouse can move over — Photo: Disclosure/Hyperx

Using a larger mouse pad can bring more ergonomics to the user. Having a large mouse sliding area can be useful for computers that are used by more than one person.

Assuming that there are right-handed, left-handed and ambidextrous users in the home or office, the large mouse pad allows for variation in the arrangement of peripherals. So, there is no need to change the mouse while doing work or while playing, which can generate more comfort and convenience.

6. Assemble the decoration of your setup

The mouse pad features five characters from the Naruto franchise — Photo: Reproduction/Amazon

Users who like to use decorations in their setup can opt for models of decorated mouse pads. In the national market it is possible to find several options that have different prints and formats. The difference is in the ability to choose accessories according to your personal taste. Those who prefer minimalist options can find a product with a more discreet print or uniform colors.

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