A medical student asks children to send nude photos

The investigation began in June last year, after the mother of one of the victims discovered sexual messages on the child’s cell phone. “He used the influence he had in online games to convince children to share sexual photos and videos, with the promise of placing them in prominent places and receiving rewards.”

Conversations between a medical student and children up to 13 years old

Civil police of the Federal District arrested on Wednesday (August 31) a 30-year-old medical student who is being investigated for rape of a vulnerable person and a crime involving child pornography. In addition to the preventive deprivation of liberty, the suspect’s house located in the city of Mato Grosso was also searched and confiscated.

The man is suspected of persuading children to send photos and videos of sexual content via the Internet. According to the corporation, he acted in virtual games, and the victims were up to 13 years old.

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Investigations began in June 2021, when the mother of a 12-year-old boy noticed the existence of several conversations of a sexual nature, conducted with a person identified as “SHERMAN” on his cell phone. Analyzing the conversations, the mother saw that they started in the past month, during online games in which her son was playing.


In conversations conducted through the chats of the game Mine Craft and the Whatsapp application, the minor was lured by the pedophile to send nude photos and in sensual poses, while he received pornographic videos and photos of a man. The criminal’s preference for children up to 13 years old was clear in the dialogues. He pretended to be a child or one of the “rulers” and “builders” of cities in Minecraft and GTA and used this online power to lure minors. In return, he promised in-game rewards or their placement in prominent places.

As soon as he gained the children’s trust, the suspect gave a Whatsapp number registered in the name of third parties and started sending and receiving videos. Hidden in gaming platforms, it was discovered that the author used several phone lines registered in the name of third parties, one of which was his mother.

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It was also found that some of the dialogues were conducted from the computer of the headquarters of the company where he worked, located in Barra do Garças (MT), the same city where there were location records sent by the author to one of the minors, when they were invited for sex.

At the place mentioned in the interviews, the police found an abandoned house that was probably used for sexual relations with minors. The house is located near the residence of the author, who left the country in January 2021 before his arrest, fleeing to Bolivia, getting rid of his cell phone and computer. Since then he has been on the run, studying medicine in Bolivia, but returned to Brazil for a medical procedure and was found in Barra do Garças.

Preliminary analysis of cell phone and computer data reveals signs of links and files being sent to suspected residents of Belgium and Bolivia.

According to police information, informal reports from the victims indicate that the suspect uses Facebook and game platforms to harass and attract minors to his criminal activities. The victim has not yet made an official statement because he is undergoing psychological treatment.

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Posts were also found from January to March 2021 in which he presents himself as “SherManGameRr – Twitch”, as the host of a gaming channel on the Twitch platform, at www.twitch.tv/shermangamerr, this address is registered to a service provider in California/U.S. – in order to conceal its origin. In the action, the author’s mobile phone and computer were confiscated. If convicted, the respondents could receive from three to 15 years in prison.

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