understand the growth of the sector in Brazil

It does not take much effort to notice that one of the sectors of the economy that has seen the greatest growth in recent times is trade and e-commerce, as one of the few areas that has not seen a slowdown or decrease due to the arrival of the coronavirus.

On the contrary, they are today one of the main and most attractive forms of investment, with low costs, an insufficiently researched and very resistant sector that has proven strong even during the biggest health crisis of the generation, which was caused by the coronavirus.

Even if you are a person outside the world of e-commerce, at some point you have ended up consuming or buying something online, either from giant retail companies such as Amazon, Magalu or Mercado Livre or through unconventional methods such as Facebook Market Place or IFood and similar applications.

Even if you buy only once, it is clear the magnitude of the convenience that companies offer to their customers, you can browse many products that match what you are looking for and in seconds choose the one that best matches what you are looking for and the price. more affordable.

As this is one of the pillars of convenience, speed and economy of e-commerce, it therefore becomes a strong option for people who want to take action and creates great value for customers, with a win-win cycle.

It is only with this quick introduction that the reason for the growth of this sector becomes clear, as it has many advantages and almost no challenge to overcome, since today it is possible to hire an ecommmere platform that has all the integrations, solutions, methods and facilities that a virtual store may need to start with work.

With low investments, it is now possible to be in all the places you want to sell, with the support of experienced professionals, leaving all the repetitive and “boring” parts at the expense of integrations and applications, while you can focus on making your company grow more and more.

Understanding the reasons behind so much growth in this sector may or may not be easy, just say it’s a novelty, a disruptive revolution in the consumption model, but the reality is that what really explains it is many factors.

So don’t miss any of the topics in this article, just to understand the potential of virtual commerce and learn how to position yourself for ever-increasing growth.

External factors

Speaking of e-commerce, we cannot forget the moment we live in, no matter how much we are in a post-covid situation today, during the years that have passed, the world has turned upside down.

From day to night, we had to completely change our routine, habits and forms of consumption, so with physical stores closed, people who need to buy products to adapt to the new normal were forced to do so through digital companies.

However, once you experience the convenience, ease and economy of online shopping, it’s hard to go back to traditional habits. Thus, the pandemic gave the necessary impetus for e-commerce and online shopping to become a habit. Proof of this is that only from 2020 to today, the sector has more than doubled.

Ease of opening

The consumer gains practicality, and the entrepreneur gains the opportunity to open his own business by investing much less, because a large part of the costs of opening a store or company is completely omitted.

There is no need to invest in a flashy storefront on a busy city street or spend on inventory, staff and rent.

It is enough to position yourself correctly on social networks, sales platforms and search engines in order to have a high traffic of customers.

Small investments in marketing

Marketing is much easier today, with so many social media, apps and platforms offering the ability to find potential customers, you can invest much less and have a high return.

In social networks like Instagram and Facebook you can invest about R30 to R45 and have great results, not to mention the positioning in search engines like Google and Youtube, which whenever someone searches for something like you will be directed to you.


Low investment in marketing combined with extraordinary scalability are undoubtedly the two pillars that make e-commerce grow so much year after year.

Because you can literally reach and win over a customer who is on the other side of the country, that is, there are no geographic restrictions for your trading platform.

Being able to sell to people anywhere, just convince them that you are the best option.

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