Take advantage of e-commerce opportunities for food sales

ON e-commerce has grown exponentially in the last year, mainly due to social isolation to combat the coronavirus pandemic. To avoid leaving home, many brick-and-mortar consumers have begun to brave the online environment, be it electronics or even everyday food. With the reopening of shopping facilities, the growth rate is already showing slight declines e-commercebut the sector is far from saturated, according to Marcelo Osanai, commercial manager at eBit/Nielsen.

The CEO participated in Grocery&Drinks, this Thursday (7), and spoke about the opportunities that still need to be explored in e-commerce, especially in grocery store and supermarket. “Food is the segment that grew the most in the first half of 2021. Food-related categories may be considered niche, but they presented opportunities for growth and this is a way for companies to consolidate in this channel,” he says.

Osanai introduced eBit/Nielsen surveys. According to him, Food and drink in September had a growth of 52% compared to the previous month. “The emphasis is on the fact that this category is also sensitive to Black Friday, when there is a high level of promotions and a greater flow of consumers. We have the peak of consumption in 2019, and it was stronger in 2020. A higher level is expected in 2021, because the number of online consumers is higher. “Black Friday is not only electronics and fashion, but also an opportunity for food and drink,” he says.

According to the executive authority, hortifruit stands out as the category that contributed to the growth of the segment, which can be considered a surprise since it is not a traditional category. Other categories such as meat and dairy products had a negative contribution. “The decline is not aggressive, that is, the results are still positive. Possible reopening of commercial establishments, such as butchers, where the consumer returns to consume physically. Another challenge is to keep this customer,” he says.

Food in department stores

Another point highlighted by Osanai is food sales in department stores, which grew 40.8% in the first half of the year. “These traditional stores, which sold home appliances, home decor, fashion, etc., started exploring these categories.”

And there is no way not to talk about food and drink without speaking applications, according to the executive. “It is important to pay attention to what strategy to use with applications. Consumers often use grocery apps to replenish and purchase supplies. Deliveries, on the other hand, are used for immediate consumption,” he explains. Another important issue, according to Osanai, is that apps like iFood are widely used in capital cities. “This indicates a great opportunity to expand into the interior of the country and win over other consumers,” he advises.

See 5 expert tips on how to stand out in the food industry:

Not every pixel is the same

“Prioritize according to sales opportunities and costs. You can’t index all pages, but you can focus on the ones most relevant to your categories.”

Get the right deal

“To survive the online jungle, your entire product line will need to stand out from the many items available online.”

be visible

“The online space is so vast that brands must use all means to create visibility. Think differently and think digitally: all surveys will require a well-thought-out strategy to be seen in the right place at the right time.”

Get best-in-class performance

“Once you’re on the right platforms, your brand and items will be part of your customers’ experience and must meet a high level of quality. Good content is paramount to your product information management strategy.”

customer focus

“A mosaic of individuals shop online and, depending on the profile of your customers, you will have specific needs that you will need to meet,” concludes Osanai.

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By Dinalva Fernandes, from the editorial office of E-Commerce Brasil

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