Salesforce to Innovate at Dreamforce 2022

Salesforce made a number of announcements at its Dreamforce 2022, which began yesterday, September 20, and runs through tomorrow, September 22, in San Francisco, United States. Check out some of them below, and the company promises more news until the end of the event.

Concerned about the complexity of purchasing carbon credits and aware of the need for customers to trust that they are creating a positive impact, on the first day of the event, the company presented what it called “the first market carbon credit”. The Net Zero Marketplace makes these purchases simple and transparent, enabling organizations to accelerate their positive climate impact. The platform offers a catalog of third-party carbon credits and a simple e-commerce experience to purchase them. Furthermore, it also contains a center action program where any individual or company can learn about the topic.

Genie comes with a mission to be the real-time data platform that powers the entire Customer 360 platform

The global voluntary carbon market is estimated to grow to $50 billion by 2030 as many organizations race to meet their carbon neutral commitments. However, companies don’t always know how to build a portfolio of carbon credits – or even where to start. That’s why Salesforce, a global customer relationship management (CRM) company, paid a lot of attention to this launch.

A new real-time data platform
Salesforce Genie comes with a mission to be the real-time data platform that powers the entire Customer 360 platform and the proposition that all companies can transform data and offer personalized experiences in sales, service, marketing and commerce, continuously adapting to real-time information and customer needs.

Today, 71% of customers expect every interaction with a company to be personalized. However, Data remains isolated and duplicated in most companies. Responding to user needs in real-time is more important than ever, but is becoming increasingly challenging as the amount of data created, captured, replicated and consumed each year is expected to more than double by 2026.

Partnership with Whatsapp
Another innovation presented at Dreamforce 2022 is a new strategic partnership with WhatsApp, which will enable the offering of more modern, convenient, integrated and personalized experiences, transforming the way brands connect with customers.

Messaging is the next big frontier of customer engagement and the customer’s preferred channel, according to Salesforce, 90% of customers say the experience a company offers is as important as its products or services, and 66% of consumers on the line around the world prefer direct messaging as a way to communicate with a company.

Integrations with Amazon Sagemaker
The partnership with AWS enables new integrations of the Salesforce platform with Amazon SageMaker for customers to use Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning modeling service, together with Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence technology. to create AI models tailored to the unique needs of your business and use them in real-time in Customer 360.

Data scientists and developers will now have continuous access to aggregated and clean user data in real time, along with other data from their Date Lake or Date stock from AWS, to build and train AM models in Amazon SageMaker, using your framework or tools of your choice.

Innovations in Slack
The company also unveiled innovations that make teams in Slack even more productive, pulling Actionable Data directly from Salesforce Customer 360 messages. Also new is the Slack canvas, which transforms productivity by giving teams a new way to gather and share knowledge and the ability to access Salesforce Customer 360 data directly in Slack.

Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual event is in its 20th edition, and in 2022 it will return to the Moscone Center, a traditional venue, where more than a thousand sessions will be held and workshops.

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