E-commerce: how to generate results with digital marketing?

ON e shop is the fastest growing modality of physical product sales in the current market and there are many reasons why the prudent entrepreneur should prioritize digitizing their business as soon as possible.

In the same way as a brick-and-mortar business, an e-commerce business can have all the skills a business needs, from inventory to precast concrete shedand not go through the problems and limitations of acting outside the Internet.

Although everything takes place only through a smartphone, tablet or computer screen, the full level of delivery provided by this commercial model is winning more and more customers, which is reflected in the growth of customers.

Be for change the brain lock or buy a new notebook, people use the internet for everything.

In this way, it is not wrong to say that entrepreneurs who prepare now will be ready to surf one of the biggest growth in the segment in the coming years, so that there will practically be only an alternative of buying and selling through digital.

Likewise, and taking into account that expensive equipment for electrostatic powder painting is coming out much cheaper online, those who don’t join now will likely be wasting time and money.

Therefore, this article will discuss the importance of e-commerce for businesses, as well as the main types and the best tips for starting this type of investment.

How important is e-commerce for companies?

Anyone who has a physical store in the current market must have already thought about the possibility of creating a virtual version, that is, an e-commerce for their company. And for those who haven’t thought about it yet, it’s important to start thinking.

Access to e-commerce sites and the number of online purchases are increasing. In this way, this serves as a warning to entrepreneurs to follow the changes so as not to fall behind.

As shown by the November 2017 figures, published by SPC Brasil, 54% of internet users have preferred or even purchased through online platforms at least once. And the numbers keep growing.

Having a digital environment for your store is essential to increase your audience as well as your sales. Well, if the public asks at all closer to the laundry through the Internet, it is necessary to use tools that are useful for this.

It is digital marketing techniques that will help companies to effectively reach their audience.

It cannot depend only on consumers who already know the store just because it has been in the same place for a long time or they only have an audience that passes in front of the store every day.

With the available digital environment, everything is much easier. One of the most sought-after alternatives for those who own a local store and want to increase their audience is the construction of the so-called e-commerce.

A virtual trading environment can greatly simplify consumers and potential new customers and, in addition, greatly optimize the number of sales.

Building an e-commerce store can bring several benefits not only to the business itself, but it can also provide a better experience for customers while shopping.

In this way, it is necessary for all entrepreneurs who are thinking about entering this area to take into account that with a virtual store it is possible to automatically offer consumers 24-hour support via chat.

These tools that enable this have the advantage of convenience in themselves, as they avoid leaving home, in addition to providing benefits such as tracking the progress of the customer’s purchase order.

In addition, visitors have the option of shopping at any time of the day, without restrictions on working hours or stopping shopping due to, for example, national holidays.

It is something to imagine a person looking for a acrylic box 15×15 at two o’clock in the morning, training to receive automated service from the platform. In addition, both he and each consumer will have free time to view the entire product catalog.

In addition to building an e-commerce, ads can be used to increase sales and increase the number of customers.

For this purpose, there are two main channels widely used by internet users that can help a first-time seller, namely Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

As for companies with a larger scale in the market, for which a more complex approach is currently valid, it is possible to bet on other types of advertising, even in video, as is the case with YouTube ads.

10 tips for investing in e-commerce

In order to earn additional income, give a new direction to their professional life or even consolidate themselves as entrepreneurs, many traders have invested in the modality of e-commerce.

According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association, also in 2017, the market grew by twelve percent, and for 2018 the expected development was around 15%.

Taking this into account, it is necessary to point out a few practical guidelines so that a novice investor can effectively enter this market, get the most from the start and avoid completely unnecessary headaches.

Considering statistics and searches such as alignment and balance near me made by people of all ages on the Internet, an efficient method is needed to get things done right.

In this way, and to make it possible, there are eight prominent tips for entering e-commerce, which are:

  1. Inform yourself about the legislation;
  2. Choose a niche in which to operate;
  3. Identify partners;
  4. Define the company’s suppliers;
  5. Choose a platform;
  6. Specify payment methods;
  7. Provide virtual security;
  8. Assess logistical feasibility;
  9. Define the target audience;
  10. Invest heavily in digital marketing.

By making good use of useful tools to start your online journey, it is possible to transform a brand into a successful e-commerce business and start making a lot of money faster than expected.

What types of e-commerce?

Finally, one cannot enter this new scenario of the digital market, in order to open a new e-commerce, without knowing the types of e-commerce that are already present and quite active on the Internet.

So, sales wholesale of dried fruit or mobile phones in retail, business models each have their own physiognomy. There are five main modes:

  1. Job for job;
  2. Business-to-consumer;
  3. Consumer to consumer;
  4. From consumers to businesses;
  5. Job for administration.

From business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, consumer to business and business to management, each has its own peculiarities.

The first occurs between corporations. In this way, inputs are sold from one company to another.

The business-to-consumer model, on the other hand, works with the relationship between the company and the end consumer.

Consumer-to-consumer is a type of commerce that has expanded and expanded from the Internet, creating several opportunities for buying and selling between individuals.

In this modality, a consumer can sell both products and services to other consumers. This is what happens in the case of chefs, freelancers, service providers, among other investors.

Consumer-business, on the other hand, refers to the relationship that takes place between a consumer and a business, the reverse of the relationship between a business and a consumer. This means that the model deals with when natural persons sell to legal persons.

Finally, the business-to-government model refers to transactions between business and public administration, from the procurement of inputs to coworking near me.

This is what happens in the case of tax services, social security services, employment services, legal documents or records.

Final considerations

Since it is possible to open a new horizon of diverse possibilities through the Internet, where it is possible not only to communicate at high speed, but also to buy and sell without leaving home.

By building an e-commerce, an entrepreneur can achieve commercial success in the short, medium and long term that he would never achieve with a physical store alone.

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