Wallapop is the leader of Ram for Italy’s new expansion plan

Building on recent successes Italy and growth in 2021 and 2022. wall pop he published his Expansion in PortugalMore than 8 million Internet users can now earn extra sale of goods They are no longer used on national territory and across borders.

An e-commerce site dedicated to selling pre-loved products from multiple categories celebrates this First year issued in Italy, and with the platform’s entry into the Portuguese market, it is preparing another step in its international expansion. Since the launch in Portugal, trading on the platform can take place in both directions with Spain, and the completion of transactions between Portugal and Italy is part of the company’s future plans.

Wallapop numbers

In 2013, a second-hand market model was created in Barcelona to easily and effectively re-propose an ecosystem for buying and selling second-hand goods online. wall pop One sample is guaranteed More sustainable and conscious consumption, Enabling consumers to participate in the circular economy and extend the shelf life of a wide range of products through their own platforms E-commerce.

In-store experience for large-scale distribution: How to use technology to respond to new consumption

The multi-category business model has also been a huge success in Italy and by March this year the site will double in size. Selling used Italian products after six months in the country and in Spain. Wallapop is closed in 2021 Total revenue increase of 65% and Wallapop Envíos revenue growth of 59%Additionally, their community generates over 100 million ads each year. SpainThe platform was visited approximately every month 15 million users.

“Focusing on Portugal as the next milestone in the internationalization process wall pop This will allow us to take another step towards creating a unique catalog in Europe and make recycled products the preferred purchase option. Our entry into the Portuguese market will allow us to consolidate this form of consumption in new regions, while expanding the transnational supplies available through the platform, further enhancing the experience in Spain and Italy,” he explained. Rob Cassidyexecutive directors wall pop.

Success in Italy

There are many factors that contributed to the success. wall pop In Italy, according to the number of downloads: in the first half of 2022, i.e. Most downloaded similar apps, and today it has been installed by 2.4 million consumers. In particular, the multi-category business model is bearing fruit, which has increased advertising in the Italian catalog, especially in the categories “Movies, Books and Music” (+63%) and “Games and Consoles” (+46%). ), but “Casa e Jardim” (+17%), which proved to be the most popular and desirable. Meanwhile, thanks to a combination of factors including heavy investment in website development Marketing and communicationsitem sales in Italy doubled in March 2022. The opening of sales and purchases in both directions between Italy and Spain generated a 600% increase in total sales in Italy and Spain from January to July.

“We are very satisfied with the results achieved so far in this first year in Italy and the growth in Spain, we will continue to work on the consolidation of the Italian market and expand our presence by listening to the needs of users”, he commented. Joseph Montanaan international leader Wallapop.

Contracts with logistics partners are important

The basis for service capillarity Postage The site has signed contracts with local logistics partners. Thank you for your business only BRT Toplice, the number of delivery and collection points increased by 58% and today Italian users have access to almost 20,000 collection points. This collaboration is in addition to the partnership with Correios, which was fundamental in laying the foundations for the growth of the market in the country.

growing adoptionE-commerce, along with other factors such as rising inflation and supply chain issues, is causing a large number of users to change their spending habits, buying and selling goods, and increasingly migrating to used goods. truth, The sector is expected to grow globally by 15% to 20% by 2026.

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