NZXT case: 6 models for mounting computers | Which one to buy?

NZXT is a company that has a wide portfolio of cases. This product is responsible for housing all parts of the computer, and the following list brings together models with prices starting at R$ 638, such as the NZXT H210, which has a mITX format and a minimalist design. The NZXT H71BG comes with two seven-blade fans and a transparent tempered glass cover with prices starting at R$1,416.

Another alternative is the NZXT H510 Elite, which has RGB lighting for around R$1631. Here are six NZXT cases you can buy in Brazil in 2022.

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NZXT cabinet: see six models to buy in Brazil — Photo: Disclosure/NZXT

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The H210 features an all-black textured metal construction. The mITX tower offers a minimalist and discreet design, i.e. it has limited conventional space and is therefore suitable for undemanding users. It comes with a small seven-blade fan for internal cooling and promises a transparent tempered glass side cover. On the top there are two USB ports, two P2 ports and a power button. The model is sold for about R$ 638.

With dimensions of 34 cm high and 21 cm wide, the case promises compatibility with air and water cooling systems. The supplier offers two other models in black with red and black with white. You can easily insert basic computer hardware such as simple motherboards and processors. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers note that the surface is of good quality. However, criticize that the reduced space compromises the organization of the wires in the back.

  • Advantages: follow the fan
  • Against: lack of LED lighting

NZXT H210 offers a minimalist design in textured metal — Photo: Handout/NZXT

H210I is another model with reduced space due to the ITX format tower. The item is made of metal, comes with two small 120 mm fans and an LED strip with RGB lighting. It also has a white exterior design and black interior, as well as a transparent tempered glass side cover. The product can be found at a price of R$ 699.

At the top there is a power button, two USB ports and a P2 input. The product guarantees dimensions of 34 cm in height and 21 cm in width, which means equipment for undemanding users who want to insert only necessary peripherals. Rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, users indicate good product performance.

  • Advantages: It comes with two fans and an LED strip
  • Against: reduced size

NZXT H210I comes with an LED strip and has two USB ports — Photo: Disclosure / NZXT

The H510 has more internal space than the previous model, as its tower provides the ATX standard. The back of the design features two small 120mm fans with seven blades for cooling, while the top houses two USB ports, a P2 headphone jack and a power button. The case construction is made of textured metal in dark gray color. The model can be found for R$ 738.

The side of the accessory has a transparent tempered glass cover, an interesting feature that helps visualize the interior space. With dimensions of 46 cm high and 21 cm wide, this model is suitable for users who want to build a computer with some additional features, such as video cards or even install a more robust cooling system. The supplier has two more models, but in the colors white with black and red with black. Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers highlight the build quality and efficient space for inserting additional peripherals. However, criticize that the fans are too small.

  • Advantages: follows two fans
  • Against: simple cooling system

The NZXT H510 comes with two 120mm seven-blade fans — Photo: Disclosure / NZXT

H71BG promises the ATX tower standard, with a total height of 50 cm and a width of 23 cm. The case comes with two seven-blade fans, but easily accommodates three more on top: a significant option for users who need an efficient ventilation system. The model can be seen by figures starting from R$ 1416.

Almost the entire exterior is covered in a white textured metal material, with the exception of the side, which has a transparent tempered glass cover. The top region contains three USB ports, a P2 port and a power button. The design of the ceiling contains numerous perforations that facilitate air dispersion. Rated 4 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers positively highlight the interior space of the product.

  • Advantages: supports up to five coolers
  • Against: There is not

NZXT H71BG supports up to five coolers — Photo: Disclosure/NZXT

The H710I features a black textured metal build but a vibrant metallic red finish. The design of the exterior guarantees a red side stripe with ventilation openings. The top part contains three USB ports, P2 and the power button. With dimensions of 51 cm high and 23 cm wide, the case corresponds to the ATX tower standard: it contains a reasonable internal space to support additional peripherals.

The interior of the product promises four 120 mm fans, a significant number for the cooling required by the parts. The side also has a transparent tempered glass cover. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers highlight the exceptionally high quality of materials and efficient interior space. However, they criticize that the product is quite heavy, and it also has a high price.

  • Advantages: contains four fans
  • Against: lack of RGB

NZXT H710I has a red stripe on the side of the design, filled with holes to facilitate ventilation of the internal system — Photo: Disclosure / NZXT

The H510 Elite has an attractive design: the black metallic color reflects the RGB lighting of the two integrated fans. Each fan has nine blades that help ventilate the internal system. The product has an ATX standard, which is useful for slightly more demanding users, because the space can accommodate additional items such as video cards, multiple coolers or even robust motherboards. It is sold for about R$ 1631.

With dimensions of 46 cm in height and 21 cm in width, the object contains a transparent side cover made of tempered glass, and an opaque screen that allows visualization of the RGB lighting system. The top region contains three USB ports and a power button. Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, users praise the ease of attaching peripherals to the case. However, they complain that the internal space can be too small for a professional gaming PC.

  • Advantages: clean and bright design
  • Against: high price

NZXT H510 Elite has an ATX tower model and two coolers with RGB lighting — Photo: Disclosure / NZXT

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