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Once again present in Portugal, Marcel Schull, responsible for public relations of Devola, presented more products of the brand, this time a new family of Wi-Fi network equipment. He began with a journey back in time to entertainment, talking about how cassette tapes, black-and-white TV, and landlines answered the needs of entertainment and communication. Nowadays there are apps for everything, available with one click on your smartphone, like Netflix or WhatsApp.

But for all this you need a good Wi-Fi connection. The company surveyed its users about what is most important when it comes to Wi-Fi. Ease of installation came first, followed by reality and finally performance. PThat’s why the company has put all these elements into its new product Wifi 6 Repeater 3000. Following the philosophy of electrical lines, just plug it into an electrical outlet for installation. The brand says it’s an easy-to-install product that will basically repeat the sign, extending it throughout the house. It basically receives a signal from an internet router and distributes it to points distributed across departments. Using the same software technology as Magic Wi-fi, it is actually compatible with equipment, which can expand the ecosystem and extend the signal.

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As for the differences, this new equipment is not intended to replace the power lines because concrete walls are impenetrable as far as signals are concerned. But for those who just want to extend their Wi-Fi signal, this could be a valid solution. The equipment also enables signal sharing with different equipment distributed around the house, via UM-MIMO and OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access) systems. It has a two-way MU-MIMO signal, which increases the efficiency of hotspots available in cities. The BBS Coloring system can recognize overlapping signals on the same frequency and use them.

OFDMA modulation technology makes more efficient use of Wi-Fi frequencies, ensuring that more bandwidth is available for each data stream and that the number of available high-speed devices is maximized.

Through the Devolo Home Network app, Users can easily manage their home network, change passwords or check signal status. The company says it has streamlined the app with the features people need most.

THE The Repeater family for developers starts from €59.90 for the Wifi5 Repeater 1200 equipment to the Wifi 6 Repeater 5400 system for €149.90. The latter works as a small router, which will be the first access point, where the signal cable is connected.

As Marcel Schull explained for SAPO TEK, the difference between Repeater and Power Line equipment is that it does not transmit data via cables, that is, connecting to electrical outlets is a matter of convenience, keeping the equipment under voltage, without additional cables. . But it only serves to repeat the Wi-fi signal. In the future, he says, the technology will be able to perform both functions in one device, extending the Wi-Fi signal while being compatible with power lines.. He also mentioned that the software will be able to determine whether the signal is better over Wi-Fi or cable and automatically switch.

Devolo Wi-Fi 6 Repeater” data-title=”Devolo Wi-Fi 6 Repeater – Devolo presents a new family of signal repeaters for strengthening Wi-Fi in homes – SAPO Tek”>

ON the repeater system also works as a mesh network, if users buy more than one piece of equipment scattered around the house. That is, the signal will follow users around the house, automatically switching to equipment with a stronger signal. They can download the access data of the router at the push of a button (WPS function). In this way, the Wi-Fi password does not have to be stored on the devices because all Wi-Fi hotspots use the same name and password.

The new repeaters are therefore intended for households that must consistently and quickly maintain a signal in all rooms. They support Wi-Fi 6 networks, mainly intended for medium-sized spaces that have weak signals.. Devolo promises speeds of up to 3000 Mbps or 5400 Mbps, depending on the product chosen, and is compatible with any router in the home and connected equipment.

THE The manufacturer also points out that the repeater uses Target Wake Time technology, which means that if the equipment does not have to be constantly turned on at a certain moment, it is put to “sleep” for a longer period of time.. The process of disconnecting more often allows you to save battery-draining smart devices. Repeaters work on 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies.

Devol’s new equipment is already available on the market, with variations between a direct connection to an electrical socket or a high-end desktop format.

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