The City Hall announces almost R$ 30 million in a package of investment in education

Education is one of the pillars of public policies implemented by the current administration at the head of the Uberlândia City Hall, and this Monday afternoon (19) the sector was the subject of another important package of structural actions. In a ceremony in the Cabinet’s meeting room, Mayor Odelmo Leão announced improvements amounting to almost R$30 million in investments with his own funds.

The package includes the remodeling of the computer labs of the “Digitando o Futuro” project, the construction of schools, the purchase of school uniforms and equipment, and the creation of technology centers. The actions will enable not only the improvement of the offered education, but also an increase in the number of vacancies in the municipal education network.

During the signing of the approval for the investment package, Mayor Odelmo Leão renewed the municipal administration’s commitment to the quality of education offered to more than 70,000 registered students.

“What makes a city are the people who live in it, and I believe that every manager is obliged to work so that the population has the best possible conditions for development. This new moment builds on a series of actions that we have carried out in the past years, such as improving school meals, delivery of tablets, the Escola Bem Arrumada program and the Literacy Pact, which was launched at the beginning of the year”, said the mayor. Let’s go to Leão.

The municipal secretary for education, Tania Toledo, commented on this new moment of education in the city. “We will have a lot of news for our students. Technology must be a part of student life. All activities are designed for the progress of each individual who makes up the classroom. Along with robotics that already exists, we will build technology centers where students can immerse themselves in this vast world,” said the portfolio manager.

Photo: Cleiton Borges – Municipal Department of Government and Communications/PMU

Mobile computer laboratories

One of the projects for the benefit of the students of the Municipal Education Network includes the reformulation of the “Digitando o Futuro” laboratory. For this proposal, the Municipal Department of Education has already acquired 2,750 chromebookswhich computers are intended for the educational field.

WITH notebooks educational facilities, laboratories, which are now fixed, will become mobile and there will be one piece of equipment per student. In the current model, students use the resource in pairs. With the reformulation, all elementary school grades will have at least one computer classroom available, and final grade students will have two classrooms.

It is expected that the equipment will enter the school routine by the end of the 2022 school year. chromebooks, R$ 7,422,250 was invested. The purchase of 77 charging and storage devices is underway to complement those already in use. The estimated value of this acquisition is R$ 378,375.69.

Uniforms get Bermuda shorts

With its own resources, the municipality of Uberlândia is committed to continuing to guarantee quality uniforms and school supplies for more than 70 thousand students planned for the school year 2023. With an investment of R$ 6 million, the municipal Department of Education will take care of the entire municipal education network, including those attending civil society partner organizations (CSOs).

For next year, in addition to the two t-shirts that traditionally make up the school uniform, two shorts will be added. On the other hand, school sets continue to have six types of composition to cater for different age groups, from early childhood education to the final grades of primary school.

The City Hall announces almost R$ 30 million in the investment package in Education 2
Photo: Cleiton Borges – Municipal Department of Government and Communications/PMU

three new schools

Also during the announcement of the investment package for education, Mayor Odelmo Leão approved the continuation of the project for the construction of two new kindergartens (Emeis) and one for primary education (Emef). Altogether, these three units will be able to serve more than 1,000 students.

The proposal to expand the offer of free school places will include residents of the Canaã, Jardim das Hortências (Glória) and Shopping Park regions. The estimated investment is R$ 13 million.

For early childhood education, the Emei do Bairro Jardim das Hortências (Glória) will be built, located in the area of ​​Avenida Chapada dos Guimarães, and the Emei Bairro Jardim dos Jacarandás, on land located on Avenida Bittencourt Afonso da Costa, in Shopping The park. Each unit will have ten classrooms and the capacity to serve 200 children.

Emef Bairro Canaã, located in the Rua Menfis area, will be built for the elementary school. In this structure there are 12 classrooms and the capacity to serve 700 students.

more technology

The municipal department of education continues to plan to implement, from 2023, technology centers in municipal schools to expand the work carried out around education in technology and innovation. The centers will be a valuable development within existing initiatives in this area, such as the Robotics Workshop. This year alone, 420 students of the 6th and 7th grade of elementary school were included in the Robotics Workshop held by Sesi Gravatás.

The City Hall announces almost R$ 30 million in the Education 3 investment package

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