How to run Android apps on Windows 11

Your smart phones with android are so common that it is difficult for people today not to think of some applications as a fundamental and integral part of their daily flows. At the same time, the fact that they are only available on mobile phones can be annoying, because they have access applications from android on Windows it could, for example, prevent the user from checking the mobile device all the time.

As a possible answer to these questions, Microsoft promised to include in the news about Windows 11 integration with applications android — and below we explain how to access this new function. Check it out!

How to run Android apps on Windows 11

In the beginning, there is no secret in how to run applications android on Windows 11. Check:

1. The first step is to go to application gives Microsoft Store on the system, which can be accessed via shortcuts or by typing “Store” into the search bar at the bottom right of the screen.

You can find the Microsoft Store by searching the Windows 11 system tray. (Image: Screenshot/Marcela Antonechen/Showmetech)

2. On Microsoft Storenow it is necessary to search for the application Amazon Appstore — yes, you will use the store Windows to install another store. However, we emphasize that the application is only available if the store is configured for the US, and cannot yet be downloaded on the Brazilian platform.

How to run android apps on Windows 11?
You can find the Amazon Appstore app in the Microsoft Store. (Screenshot: Dácio Augusto/Showmetech)

3. By clicking Amazon AppstoreAnd encourage from Windows a request to install the subsystem will appear android to the computer, which is basically a software which is being followed background of the machine and enables execution applications in android in it. Accept and it will install and the computer must be restarted at the end of the process.

How to run android apps on Windows 11?
Amazon Appstore. (Screenshot/Dácio Augusto/Showmetech)

Now, every time the computer starts up, Amazon Appstore they will open together. In the store you can find different apps for androidalthough as of September 2022, the list is still quite short — but remember that this is an official implementation, something that seemed a long way off until a few years ago.

We emphasize, however, that for some reason Amazon Appstore it has a slow interface that may make users think their computers are weak. Rest assured that in reality it is poorly optimized for Windowsalthough it is an integral part of the user experience android in the system — so the slowness is part of it.

Other versions of Windows

How to run android apps on Windows
Bluestacks is also a good option. (Screenshot/Dácio Augusto/Showmetech)

for users Windows which are not yet on the new version of the operating system Microsoftthere is no native way to launch apps android — but that doesn’t mean other methods can’t be used. For this we recommend bluestacksknown emulator android which allows full access Toy shop from Google — although it is obviously necessary to configure and adjust the controls to those that work on the computer, not on smartphone or tablet.

The first step in achieving this goal is download BlueStacks, specifically version 5 — the latest and most stable one made available by the developers. After downloading, install the program and run it.

When BlueStacks is open, you will see that it will start android in yours PRAÇA. The next step is to follow the procedure required to install any application on your smartphone or tablet: search for the program in Google Play Store and do your thing download files.

When download files done, now you are ready to use android on Windows via the emulator, but note that using it may still take some time as the user will have to learn how to operate the touch interface via the keyboard and Mouse. In addition, some programs may not be optimized for larger screens and usability may be compromised in the process.

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