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You can’t escape: If you’ve been looking for parts and accessories for your bike online, you’ve surely come across the Clothing for Cycling website. After all, with 11 years of history, the store is today the largest web store for cycling items in Brazil, offering products ranging from the simplest socks to pedals to complete bikes – all with super competitive prices, quality, partnerships with the most important brands on the planet and a product portfolio that continues to grow .

Thiago and Camila, portal partners Pedro Cury

But what few people know is that this story is the result of a lot of work and market vision of Thiago Dosanoski, former professional road cyclist and founder of the company. The path of constant evolution and love for the sport of cycling clothing, or RPC, goes hand in hand with that of Thiago, who has had a bicycle as his foundation since he was 9 years old, when skinny became his tool of personal overcoming.

RPC – Developing step by step as a cyclist

Whether you are a child or an adult, cycling is a type of physical activity that transports you to another planet. That’s why, when Thiago lost his father at the age of nine, a psychologist recommended him exercises as a way to release the accumulated energy – thanks to the recommendation of a friend, the bicycle entered the life of the founder of RPC.

photo: publicity / Cycling clothing
photo: publicity / Cycling clothing

Over time, what started as a tool for mental health developed and within a few years, the current athlete Thiago began to achieve significant results, winning metropolitan and national competitions in Parana, his home country.

At the same time and with the same mindset of constant evolution, Thiago started looking for cycling items to sell, turning his love for cycling into his life.

With a small shop set up on Orkut, he quickly realized the benefits (and difficulties) of selling online. At that time, it was difficult to find domestic or imported clothing with a good size variation – so, just like in sports life, Thiago went in search of contacts and knowledge to continue developing.

In 2011, with the creation of the website Clothing for Cycling, what started in a more amateur way now took on a more professional face and in a few years, with the help of his wife Camila, a small online store that began to occupy 4 fair boxes gradually increased in size and product offering.

brand stock
brand stock Pedro Cury

Now, when things get really serious, it’s time to put your fears aside and immerse yourself 100% in the trade. With that came the decision to rent a room of 30 square meters, then one of 60, 90, a shed and another, 10 times larger. Today, 11 years later, those 4 boxes are transformed into a headquarters of 3,000 square meters, with almost 15,000 registered products, approx. 3,000 orders per day, directly employing a total of 20 people.

But this story of constant evolution does not end there:

Now, RPC is preparing to take its next step, which starts with a new visual identity, but promises to evolve the store’s business model, focusing on providing ever-better experiences for consumers, expanding the range of deals, products and technologies that will meet the needs of today’s consumers as well as those in the future.

It evolves to follow you

RPC started as a technology company, because e-commerce has always been the only way to do business. With 11 years of experience, the store has learned to overcome barriers – in the past, for example, suppliers still did not have sales platforms for virtual stores, which made it difficult to sell products online.

Photo 80731
Pedro Cury

But even because of the relevance of RPC, the industry and companies grew along with the trade and today some suppliers have this type of platform just because of the existence of RPC.

However, in addition to always walking with the market, RPC has always been with the consumer. Therefore, in addition to the official website, the final public can still find a huge store catalog on the main sales platforms in Brazil, such as Mercado Livre, Netshoes, Amazon, Decathlon, Magazine Luiza, B2W and many others – not to mention free* shipping even to many isolated locations across the country.

Currently, RPC has more than 30 sales channels in major Brazilian e-commerce retailers, is the first cycling goods store to win an official store in Mercado Livre, and for more than 3 years, RPC is also the largest seller of cycling products in Latin. America, a very important title, the result of hard work and constant evolution.

The team behind the website
The team behind the website Pedro Cury

In its new phase, which begins with a complete visual overhaul and an even greater number of products in the portfolio, the company will adopt a new internal work philosophy aimed at developing and increasing public involvement. There are several novelties in the project, from the presence at fairs and events, even a blog with specialized content, and new technologies for the internal work of RPC sales platforms.

With a monthly investment of around 50 thousand reais, the new technologies promise to further rationalize the internal flow of the company, with important changes in the systems that receive orders, new tools that integrate data analysis, sales volume, consumer profile and other important information.

This is because listening and understanding the customer has always been one of the pillars of RPC, and with new positioning and technical innovations, the store gains more capacity to understand consumers, in order to offer exactly what they are looking for: meaningful experiences, quality and affordable prices – all to accompany your journey on this exciting path offered by the bicycle.

To find out this news, access the new Clothing for Cycling website.


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