What will the INSS test be like? Take your DOUBTS

When it comes to employment, public tenders are the most popular option among citizens. This is because this modality offers a different quality of work than private companies.

With this type of employment, employees have greater security, but also very attractive salaries. However, in order to get one of the available places, it is necessary to study a lot. Here are some tips for the most anticipated event of the year.

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INSS competition

Recently, the National Institute for Social Security (INSS) announced the opening of a new public tender for the integration of municipal staff. Therefore, the organizing bank has already been selected. The chosen company was Cebraspe.

1,000 vacancies are intended for high school level and technical education in social security. According to the information in the tender notice, the starting salary is R$5,900.

The big issue is that many people don’t know the style of judging that is done for this type of competition.

Evidence of Cebraspe

Competition evaluation experts explain that Cebraspe tests work in a slightly different way. They have questions that must be answered with “true” or “false”.

Each time a person answers a question correctly, they get a point, however, when they get another question wrong, the correct question is nullified. According to expert Elias Santana, candidates may end up generating a test if they miss a large percentage. This is why it is very important to be careful when guessing the answer.

A valuable tip is to try to study other tests of this organizing company. This is because others may have the same assessment style, however, there are details that cannot be found in the assessments of other promoter banks.

According to Santana, Cebraspe tests range in difficulty from medium to hard. For this reason, it is a band much feared by concurseiros due to the rigor of their evaluations.

In addition, the criterion of wrong questions canceling out the correct ones eventually causes the possibility of scoring points to be reduced by dropping questions. In some assessments, the board usually applies multiple choice questions, but this happens rarely.

In general, the recommendation is not to solve the problem. If you’re not sure of the answer, it’s best to leave it blank so you don’t miss a question that would be correct.

As mentioned, the difficulty of the test is not easy, so it is extremely important to study hard to pass. People who invest only in memorizing concepts or executing strokes have a minimal chance of achieving good results.

As for the discourse test, the topics are always current, but they carry a lot of weight. Another thing is to pay attention to the text structures required by the test, most of the time they are listed directly in the public notice.

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test areas

Some tips are important for solving questions in specific areas of the test. Therefore, in Portuguese it is important to focus on studying the text because the questions are usually long. Learn about graphic emphasis, morphosyntax, text interpretation, and grammar. Let’s remember that this is the penultimate climax.

In the field of mathematics and logical reasoning, candidates should know about probability, combinatorics, interest, percentage, rule of three, among other topics. However, logical questions are the highlight, since the calculations are usually not that complex.

For IT questions, it is not enough to just know how to use a computer, it is necessary to know, for example, the functionality of the operating system. Issues are highlighted for browsers, the Office suite, and computer networks.

Finally, in the field of law, experts warn of possible scams. Thus, the most prominent topics are about the letter of the law, doctrine and judicial practice. In addition to being charged with the organization of powers, fundamental rights, offers, contracts, among others.

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