5 platforms for making money online in 2022

With the financial crisis that Brazil is still facing after the coronavirus pandemic, managing to sustain itself financially is not an easy task for a large part of the population.

For this reason, the way out that many people found was to try to make money online. We know that there are many platforms that promise compensation. But not all are reliable.

Available options for making money online – Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

how to make money on the internet

The Internet is becoming more and more useful for human beings. Today, almost everything can be done online. From monthly shopping and even watching that movie that came out and you couldn’t watch it.

It was to be expected that with so many innovations, the possibility of carrying out work with cash payment would soon arrive on the network. Today, that possibility is real. Many people already use their computers and mobile phones to earn money without leaving home.

Some services can be performed continuously, like a “real world” job, but require a lot of commitment. Already now, people who just want to earn extra money can choose the option of working as freelancers.

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preferred platforms

With these capabilities, many users get really significant value from the Internet. However, for those who think this is an easy service, there are some issues to be understood.

As with any type of business, selling requires offering some service. For this reason, it is important to look out for platforms that offer the possibility of earning money for simple services.

Most of the time they can be scams. Causing problems ranging from computer virus infestations to user data theft.

There are several sites that are used by many users and are already well-known and well-rated in the market. Below you can see the five available options.


This platform is for people who develop content. It has been a huge success in the field of digital marketing, which has made many people join this option to sell their own products.

It is possible to offer courses, e-books and various digital products. Hotmart is very intuitive, dynamic and easy to use, which makes it ideal for those starting out in this field. Access to https://hotmart.com/pt-br.


This option is very popular for people who earn their own living. In it, users connect and have access to several companies seeking services. So, it is possible to offer your own proposal and wait for the person to accept.

Among other things, it is possible to perform translation, writing, programming. To find out, visit https://www.workana.com/en/. There is also a 99Freelas in the same model. Check out the platform at https://www.99freelas.com.br/.


This option is ideal for people who produce any type of art. In this option, a professional can earn money by writing songs, lyrics or even creating graphic visual arts. This site pays five dollars for each service performed by the user. access https://br.fiverr.com/.


PiniOn is intended for users who want to receive answers to surveys or even rate products, services or brands. Thus, with each realization of an action, a person begins to accumulate values ​​within his own wallet of the application. After collecting around R$30, you can request a payout. To take advantage of this opportunity, go to https://pinion.app/.

sharing skills

The platform that differs the most from the others is SlideShare. The option is intended for people who want to teach online. However, in this option it is necessary to have good audiovisual equipment, since the service asks the user to record his lessons and make them available on the website. Meet at https://www.skillshare.com/.

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