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The TV and the computer are two electronic devices that are part of the routine of most Brazilians. Currently, both have Internet access and allow users to enter applications, search for a topic on Google, or access their social networks. However, despite both being networked, there are more convenient ways to use both electronics.

Smart TVs, for example, are not ideal for work, but they are perfect for gathering friends in the living room. On the other hand, computers usually have smaller monitors, but have more functions and even ergonomics adapted to the routine in front of the screen. The list follows TechTudo prepared with advice on when you should use the web on TV and PC.

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Smart TV is more suitable for movies and series, because it is bigger and offers better resolution — Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

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1. Watch movies and series

Although televisions have only recently gained access to the web, they are already competing with powerful computers — Photo: Unsplash/Mollie Sivaram

Lying in bed and watching a movie or series — without a doubt, TV is the most suitable for this type of free time. This is because electronics are generally located in the bedroom or living room of your house. It is common for people to spend hours in front of the screen to see the launch and prefer to be in a more comfortable place.

There are people who do this on a computer, but smart TV screens tend to be larger and offer higher quality. Not to mention that the sound is better and can be connected to a soundbar. Some users even like to turn the TV into a movie screen.

2. Listen to music and watch clips

With better sound power and the ability to connect to a soundbar, the TV is more suitable for listening to music — Photo: Disclosure/LG

For music lovers, listening and watching clips on a smart TV is a must. That’s because you can access YouTube on your TV and see what’s happening in the videos in more detail. The device can play a playlist as if it were an MP3 player, only with the use of the Internet.

It’s worth noting, once again, that TV sound is usually better than computer sound. Therefore, listening to music on this device is usually more enjoyable, especially for people who enjoy listening to music at higher volumes.

3. Gather friends and family

Thanks to the size of smart TVs, they have become an excellent pastime when you have guests at home — Photo: Disclosure / Sony

Televisions provide entertainment not only to one person, but also to a group of friends and family. With a screen larger than a PC, it is possible to watch series or listen to music with a small group on the side. Many couples, for example, like to take advantage of a free weekend to watch a movie together in front of the television.

In other words, TV is an electronic device that offers entertainment to many people. The bigger it is, the more people can watch what’s on the screen and enjoy the moment as a group. You can even have fun as a group discovering almost secret TV functions that few people know about.

Computers are designed for multiple functions, one of which is accessing web pages through a browser — Photo: Disclosure/Intel

Unlike television, the computer is an electronic device more suitable for formal situations. If you need to access websites to view exams, join a social network or even work, a computer is the most appropriate tool. Although it is possible to do this on TV, the process is much slower.

Not to mention that sometimes the TV doesn’t have enough functions to keep up with all your commands on websites. If you need to print a page you have seen on, for example, a certain website, this is only possible on a computer.

2. Send messages and write texts

With the help of a keyboard, computers are ideal for writing texts and sending messages — Photo: Reprodukcija/Unsplash

Although it is possible to install a keyboard on a TV, this peripheral is made for use on a computer. Sending messages in WhatsApp groups or even writing a text in Word is certainly more convenient on a computer.

In addition to being easier to use, the tools available on a computer are more intuitive. Television often does not even have this function, which limits the number of changes and even prevents the building of cohesive content, agility and coherence.

A computer is a key tool for many jobs — Photo: Disclosure / Vaio

All this without mentioning that the PC is the most suitable electronics for work. Accessing the Internet through a computer allows the use of various systems, regardless of whether they are connected to the Internet or not. The TV, meanwhile, is much more limited and needs many peripherals to function acceptably.

It is easy to access the necessary tools on the computer. Meanwhile, having only a television screen and a remote control makes the service much more difficult and unintuitive for those who need to complete tasks.

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