Data protection tips for e-commerce in 2022

Following some data protection tips for e-commerce businesses in 2022 could be just what you need to keep your bottom line.

The Brazilian was the one who migrated the most to online shopping during the pandemic, and he intends to continue doing so. Good news for e-commerce!

But more than offering a good product or service, e-commerce must ensure security.

Not only security for the client, but also security for the website itself. Even because virtual stores are also targeted by criminals. See tips on what to do next.

Top Data Protection Tips for Ecommerce Businesses in 2022

You don’t need much to follow the tips below. But attention: what is not done, do from now on. This will avoid many problems.

SSL digital certificate

Having an SSL certificate will give your e-commerce store an extra layer of encryption and protection for your customers.

In this way, all data used during the purchase will remain confidential, avoiding the risk of its leakage and harm to your consumer.

That’s why many websites have the final S in HTTPS (because of this certificate). You can even get one for free, so it’s worth researching which one to use for your store.

Antivirus for your computer

It is always a good idea to install a strong antivirus program on your computer. Not only on yours, but also on all computers that access the management area.

It can be an employee’s computer, in a physical store, at home, etc. It is important not to forget any of them.

By the way, this is true for whatever operating system and type of machine you’re using. Mac antivirus is essential to protecting your customers’ data in the same way that Acer PC antivirus is. With the software installed, you will avoid the risk of the online store being infected with malware or viruses while it is being managed. This type of attack could crash your store or hijack your site or user data.

There are several free antivirus options online and paid, more complete ones. It is worth analyzing which one best suits your store and employment needs.

security seals

Security seals are an important part of electronic commerce for two reasons.

First, because they convey to the customer the feeling that the portal is safe for purchase. This is something that increases the user’s trust and their chance to complete what is placed in the cart.

In addition, badges provide new verification procedures to the site. So the data goes through a fine-toothed comb and is more intensively protected against any online attack or leak.

payment gateways

A payment gateway takes responsibility from the website and directs it to tools specifically designed for this purpose.

Mercado Pago and PagSeguro are some of these tools that are quite common in online stores.

Even when paying by credit card because that is usually the biggest concern of customers. But you can also generate bank receipts and even Pix with several of these platforms.

With this type of output, your portal will avoid storing more data than is required from the user. If there is little data, your security concern will be more relaxed.

Not that you can leave out everything we’ve talked about so far for data protection. But redirecting the checkout process to a site that specializes in that topic will save you from having to worry so much about that topic.

Also because it is common for users to already log in to these platforms. Then they won’t have to fill in the information again and will feel more confident working with something they already know. It is also something that increases the convenience of the customer and favors the purchase.

Okay, now you know the best data protection tips for eCommerce in 2022! Remember that the security of your site should always be updated. In this way, you will prevent new scams and viruses that appear every day from finding holes in your portal.

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