ApexBrasil and Amazon Brasil renew collaboration to promote more than a thousand Brazilian companies in American e-commerce

Brasília – expand the inclusion and promotion of Brazilian companies in the US e-commerceThe Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) and Amazon Brasil, a retailer operating in several countries, signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this Tuesday (13th) in São Paulo.

The new cooperation agreement foresees the continuation of activities aimed at training Brazilian companies to sell their products in e-commerce American, via the Amazon.com website in the US. The signing took place on the first day of the 3The edition of the E-Xport Meeting, a traditional meeting held by ApexBrasil with the aim of internationalizing Brazilian companies through international electronic commerce.

The actions foreseen in the document will help Brazilian companies to export to the US, through support initiatives in the selection of products for export, the translation of offers, the issuance of documentation necessary for export and the relationship with logistics operators.

Amazon assists Brazilian Seller Partners through internal management tools and/or a network of accredited service providers for services not directly provided by Amazon itself, such as International Logistics.

To present the opportunity to Brazilian companies, webinars and training to expand their knowledge of exporting through international online stores and how to do business on Amazon.com. Access to the content will be free through the ApexBrasil portal.

The memorandum also provides that, through public notices, ApexBrasil will continue to select Brazilian companies to form development groups and join Amazon.com’s international sales program.

The program allows Brazilian businesses to sell in the US directly through Amazon.com from their own Amazon account in Brazil, while using Amazon’s US warehousing and shipping services. Selected companies will receive assistance from Amazon managers during the process of creating an account, opening a store, and starting sales.

In celebration of one year of collaboration between ApexBrasil and Amazon, around 250 companies have already been served by the program, many of them already selling on Amazon.com. The renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding is expected to serve more than a thousand companies in the next two years.

The success was mentioned during the signing ceremony, which was attended by the President of ApexBrasil, Augusto Pestana and the Director of the Amazon Brasil Partner Seller Store, Ricardo Garrido, along with the President of the Brazilian Service for the Support of Micro and Small Businesses Empresas (Sebrae), Carlos Melles, President of ESPM Dalton Pastore and Vice President of the Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy Leonardo Elias.

“It is a great pleasure, through this partnership, to offer our clients, Brazilian companies, this training opportunity to facilitate and promote their involvement in this very important platform. Entering Amazon is entering the world,” said Pestana. He also confirmed that the purpose of the agreement is in line with ApexBrasil’s goals to increase the qualifications of Brazilian companies and their competitiveness in the international market.

For the director of the Amazon Brazil Partner Seller Store, Ricardo Garrido, the collaboration will enable actions aimed at training and expanding the offer of Brazilian products in the American store. “Amazon has as one of its main points of commitment to Brazil the support and promotion of small and medium-sized companies. Selling on Amazon – including internationally – is very easy, extending to our seller partners the same obsession we have for our customers, and we’ve deepened that with our collaboration with ApexBrasil,” says Garrido.

A case of success

Floridis, which produces polyethylene containers for plants, is one of the Brazilian companies that participated in the acceleration courses to sell on Amazon.com 2021. According to the company’s partner and director of marketing and foreign trade Renata Cabezas, Floridis was already born ready to export, following all necessary basic requirements. He says that in 2017, the company received support from ApexBrasil through the Export Qualification Program, Peiex, and participated in international fairs and business round tables in several countries, which was essential for preparing for the international market.

Today, the company already exports to 16 countries and has a physical store in the United States. “Entering Amazon and selling on the American market was only possible with this support from ApexBrasil. We are still in contact with the Amazon account manager who helped us during the program and always helps us with the necessary adjustments,” says Renata.

He adds that the information was forwarded to webinars are critical to success on the Amazon website. Today, the company already has its own store within Amazon.com and is preparing to invest in ads. For the company’s CEO, Eduardo Cabezas, it is for sale e-commerce it has many advantages. “You sell while you sleep and that’s wonderful,” he concludes.

The next public announcement for the opening of new acceleration classes will be available from September 13 on the ApexBrasil portal. Access here.

e-commerce American

US e-commerce is expected to cross the $1 trillion mark for the first time this year, according to official US government data. In 2021, digital commerce generated revenue of $960 billion in the US. Only in the first half of 2022. sale on the line grew 7% compared to the same period last year, reaching USD 508 billion. Today, more than 50% of stores in the United States are fully digital.

There are currently more than 260 million digital consumers, with penetration close to 75% of the population. In the United States alone, digital commerce is projected to reach US$1.9 trillion in 2026, if an average annual growth rate of 15% is maintained. To add to the potential in sight, it is estimated that 35% of all North American consumer spending will be done in digital channels as early as 2025.

Amazon’s international sales program

It’s an opportunity for partner sellers to expand their business into the United States through Amazon Brazil, reaching millions of new customers. With this program, qualified reseller partners have, for example, benefits and concessions, such as sales support and tools to promote their products. Sellers can benefit from Amazon’s logistics in the United States, with access to a network of service providers who can assist with every step of the sales and shipping process. See more details about the program here.

E-Xport meeting 2022

A traditional meeting held by ApexBrasil, E-Xport meeting started its third edition this Tuesday (13th), at the ESPM campus in São Paulo, in a hybrid way. From September 13 to 16, there will be 4 days of lectures, success stories, business round tables and workshops on the most relevant topics of international e-commerce. During the event, face-to-face business talks between Brazilian companies and international e-commerce solution providers are also planned.

On the second day of the event, on Wednesday (14), there will be a lecture on e-commerce in the United States with ApexBrasil’s Miami office market research officer, Cristiano Laux, and a presentation by Amazon on the International Sales Program. On that occasion, along with other attractions, the company Floridis will also report on its trajectory and experience with e-commerce. The full schedule of events is available at https://apexbrasil.com.br/e-xportmeeting-2022


E-Xport Meeting 2022 – International E-Commerce Week
From September 13 to 16
To participate, simply register at the link.




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