7 things you never dreamed you could buy at the market

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The market is a platform developed for selling products via the Internet. And online sales are constantly growing. According to the 2022 Retail Report conducted by Adyen in partnership with KPMG, while the global average is 53%, in Brazil 83% of respondents said they now use more shopping apps than before the pandemic.

According to a recent survey by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (Abcomm), in 2021 sales increased by 68% and traders resorted to the market to bring more visibility and increasing the income of your business. In addition, it is a platform that – although not everyone knows it – offers the most unusual products, making it possible to find old and rare items.

For Rodrigo Garcia, CEO of Petin Soluções em Negócios Digitais, it is possible to find the most interesting products that, despite being used, are in good condition and have a warranty.

“The Internet provides the experience of selling and buying through a marketplace that includes a wide variety of items, new, used and second-hand, and the positive side of all this is the guarantee of security that the customer receives when purchasing,” he assesses.

With that in mind, Garcia listed 7 “unusual” products sold at markets:

1. Insects

Live insects – such as earthworms, tadpoles, cockroaches and even black crickets – are some of the items available at the markets.

“It may seem like a joke, but it’s very common for people to ask for this type of product that, when sold, comes in a completely safe package and preserves the life of the insect,” Garcia describes.

2. Animals

Another item you can find are animals such as dogs and cats, there are several breeds available for sale, with different sizes and values.

“People often look for the Yorkshire breed, which has ads with more than 24 sales. Values ​​range from R$800 to R$2300. Maine Coo cats can be found for R$2600 to R$4500.

3. Tree trunk

It may seem bizarre, but you can find this product on sale on the market, which is often bought for decorating the space.

“Approximately 30 cm in diameter and approximately 2 cm thick, they are in a round shape like a cookie, their value is approximately R$ 85 to 190 for a set of 3,” comments the expert.

4. Artifact of the Berlin Wall

For historians, collectors or even those who like to have such rare items, it is possible to find this rare item online.

“The fragment of the Berlin Wall, according to the description of the ad, comes with a certificate of authenticity and a photo of the part of the wall from which the fragment was taken, and its value is from R$ 280 to R$ 620,” he explains.

5. Meteorite stones

Located in Campo del Cielo, Chaco Province, Argentina, the meteorite stones, as described in the ad, are between 4,200 and 4,700 years old.

“On the market, it is possible to find a stone from 10 cm to 30 cm with a value of R$ 350 to R$ 980 and it comes with a digital certificate,” says Garcia.

6. Mimeograph and carbon paper

Despite the fact that these are very old materials, it is still possible to find them for sale on the market.

“The mimeograph was used for printing, along with carbon paper. Both can be found used, but in excellent condition, you can find a mimeograph machine for around R$690 and a paper pack for R$100,” says the expert.

7. Album and stickers of the World Cup

For those who like to collect and did not have the opportunity in previous years of the World Cup, know that it is quite possible to find stickers and even the entire album.

“These products can be found at high prices, for example, a blank national album from 2002 + all stickers can be found up to R$ 7999.99. It is also possible to find stickers and albums from other years, such as 2006, in which each pack of stickers costs an average of 27 real dollars,” concludes Garcia.

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