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Electronic health records for all patients treated in all health institutions in the city; implementation of interactive digital boards in municipal schools and smart projectors in classrooms; installing 1,980 computers and laptops in all municipal secretariats to monitor technology investments and innovations in public administration and, above all, to speed up the availability of public services to citizens. These are the main achievements of this new phase of investment in technology and innovation that Mayor Capitã Lucimara is announcing this week for the city of Valinhos. There are more than 10 million BRL in investments that include a total of 1,247 desktop computers, 733 laptops (of which 692 are exclusively for education), 13 interactive digital whiteboards and 130 smart projectors (also called smart projectors, with wifi, which allows interconnection, Internet access, including direct access to sites such as Youtube, without the need to connect to a computer; it even comes with a keyboard for editing documents directly in the projection). The mayor was with EMEB Governor André Franco Montor in Bom Retir, following the first installations of this important and unprecedented investment in the city. The works will continue in the following months, and completion is expected by the end of the semester.

“As soon as we took over the management of the City Hall, at the beginning of last year, we found that the lack of a minimum structure in technology, unfortunately, represents an obstacle to the implementation of public policies that are part of the Government. The plan we created for Valinhos, in accordance with the analysis of the requests and needs of the city. Therefore, we immediately started a series of actions, within a broad plan of technology and innovation, to guarantee an adequate structure and, above all, to increase agility and efficiency in the provision of public services to the population. So, in 2021, in the first phase of the Valinhos Mais Conectada program, we advanced in the implementation of fiber optics and high-speed Internet in 100% of public buildings in operation, with an emphasis on all health units and all city schools. Now, in this 2nd phase, we are setting up the computers and all the necessary structure to put Valinhos on the path beyond a digital city, but a Smart City, also called a Smart City, with quality, innovation and efficiency in serving Valinhos,” he said. Mayor Capt. Lucimara.

Among the equipment installed for Health, for example, there are computers for all doctors working in Primary Health Care Units. This investment is important and necessary for the next step, which is the implementation of the electronic medical record, an important achievement in the quality of patient care, especially in terms of history and important information about care already performed, examinations, medications, in short, the patient’s electronic history, with a complete security and privacy, which facilitates and speeds up treatment.

“One of the commitments of Mayor Capitão Lucimara, within the framework of the “Patient first in health care” program, is undoubtedly the investments foreseen by the Government’s plan to achieve breakthroughs in quality, efficiency and agility in health care. And this investment in technology is fundamental to this process,” said Minister of Health Dr. Gabriel Signorelli. This week, the delivery of computers in Health began.

In education, starting this week, schools will receive a set of computers and laptops, digital boards and projectors for classrooms, in short, a series of important tools in this new phase that integrates the Valinhos Innovative Education program.

“Mayor Capitã Lucimara wants to emphasize how decisive the year 2022 is for investments in the field of education. After the year 2021, in which we are faced with a serious pandemic, in its most critical phase, since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the government plan that the mayor created for the city, we are already working with innovative pedagogical projects, which ensure quality, awakening reasoning and, at the same time, renewal content damaged in the years when the pandemic made face-to-face teaching impossible. Now, in this new phase, with all the connected schools and these investments in equipment, we will advance even more in Valinhos with innovative education for all”, said the Secretary of Education, Claudineia Vendemiatti Serafim.

The installation of all the computers and other tools carried out by the city hall, according to the secretary of technology and quality, Fábio Medeiros, follows the established schedule and gains, including in terms of software and the guarantee of updates both in the systems and in the computers permanently. “This investment made by the City Council, in the rental of computers and technological equipment, provides a guarantee of computer maintenance, legality and registration of installed software, including updates and the speed of computer changes, when necessary, in order to avoid work being suspended or damaged. And these actions will be ongoing, with the implementation of new equipment as structural adjustments are implemented in schools. The main focus, determined by the mayor Capitã Lucimara, is that the public service, offered to the citizens of Valinhos, is efficient, fast, quality and beneficial for the development of the city, including the personal and human development of our students and the quality of care for patients in the municipal health network” , added Secretary Fábio Medeiros, who also added that, as part of the new phases of the Valinhos Mais Conectadas program, the town hall will announce new actions such as the implementation of the citizen card , centralization of municipal services and progress in digital applications and services on the Valinhos town hall portal .

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