Why can a VPN help you save money in the long run?

E-commerce in Brazil has grown explosively in recent years. According to analysis by Americas Market Intelligence, growth was 38% in 2021, with a total of more than 153 billion USD in sales.

Millions of people have joined virtual shopping, having access to items as diverse as software, books, gadgets and airline tickets. Among so many bargains available, many people still don’t know that it is possible to pay less for certain products and services when buying from different countries.

Practically, you don’t need to physically leave Brazil to do this: just use a VPN to connect to the internet. Here’s why this happens and how a VPN can help you save money.

dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a ubiquitous e-commerce practice. In practice, it is selling the same item at different prices to different people.

Some aspects that determine the price variation are the customer’s location, the device they are accessing from, and their purchase history. As with product recommendations, this breakdown is only possible with the use of a tracking device.

The vast majority of websites use web activity trackers to function. They are famous cookies. They record individual browsing data so that the site can be improved. Some of this data is IP address, date and location of access, clicks on the website, time spent browsing items.

The number of trackers can vary greatly. Large shopping sites like Amazon, for example, store much more of this type of information than smaller sites.

In addition to providing a more secure online experience, a VPN helps camouflage your browsing data. The ability to connect to servers in other countries allows bypassing the time and place identification of points of sale, enabling purchases at more attractive prices.


A VPN will not always guarantee good discounts. Buying products that depend on shipping usually takes place in Brazil. On the other hand, researching and purchasing computer programs and applications can be useful and immediate.

In this context, one occasion when changing the location of the purchase can be an advantage is when you subscribe to a streaming program.

Although the prices for this type of service are cheap in Brazil compared to those charged in North America or Europe, it is possible to pay even less when subscribing to a service in Argentina, for example.

Taking into account the current exchange rate for the Argentine peso (R$0.0369), plans would range from R$15.80 to R$44.24 if the service is contracted using a navigation server in Argentina.

An even greater advantage can be seen when comparing the plans of the two countries of another service of this genre, HBO Max:

Computer screen with black text on a white background Description is automatically generated

The comparison of terms is applicable in many other types of programs, such as video and music editors or dating apps, for example. A subscription to Microsoft Office, for example, would also be cheaper – creating a nice long-term saving:

Graphical user interface, text, application Automatically generated description

In each of these cases, it is important to pay attention to the means of payment used to perform the international transaction. The frequency of IOF tax on purchases abroad using a credit card increases the amount paid: the fee is 6.38% of the value of the item or service paid for.

It is therefore reasonable to resort to virtual payment methods or other tax-free alternatives.

Airline tickets and accommodation reservations

Airlines operate according to a dynamic pricing logic. From the consumer’s point of view, these companies can have much more bargaining power than other companies: in many cases, an air route is controlled by only one company, for example.

For people who often research prices and show interest in flights, many companies offer higher prices. Depending on when the search is made, prices may also vary. Prices also vary depending on the proximity of the requested date on the hosting platforms.

For airline ticket purchases and hotel reservations, enabling a VPN can help save you money by preventing virtual tracking. Remember to clear your browsing history, cookies and cache first, then activate VPN and only then visit sites and start searches. If you have an account on the site in question, please search without logging into your account, as this may reveal your location.

cyber security

Finally, it’s important to understand that a VPN can save you money in the long run, not just online shopping. Just like e-commerce, the number of frauds and cybercrimes has increased dramatically in recent years.

Many VPN programs offer additional security features that can save home and business users a lot of time and money.

Cybersecurity company Sophos surveyed 200 organizations in Brazil and found that 55% of them were affected by ransomware in 2021. Ransomware attacks, which “hijack” virtual data and encrypt it for a monetary ransom, are just one example of the types of cyberattacks.

Many of them are made possible by infecting computers and mobile phones with malicious files, malware. These programs can allow criminals to remotely access your computer, which can result in, for example, cyber theft.

In such cases, malware removal is a suitable solution. It can be activated in a VPN program by searching a large list of Internet domains known to host malware before connecting to any website. In this way, access to a dangerous page is blocked.

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