The Mercedes-Benz Atego 3030 8×2 is the best-selling truck in the range

ON atego 3030 is the best-selling 8×2 truck in Mercedes-Benz. According to the brand, of the 858 8×2 models delivered between January and August 2022, the version had 789 license plates. The other 69 are from the Atego 3026. One of the factors that guarantees this success is the OM 926 LA engine, 7.2 liters and six cylinders in line, which generates 286 hp of power at 2200 rpm and 127 mkgf of torque at 1100 and 1200 rpm. per minute.

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We drive Mercedes-Benz from the brand’s factory, in São Bernardo do Campo, to Arujá, also in wider São Paulo. In the total route, of about 150 km made by Rodoanel, on Atego 3030 8×2 an average of 4 km per liter of diesel.

The Mercedes-Benz Atego is versatile

The flatbed truck is intended for road transport over short and long distances. As well as intercity activities. So it can accommodate attachments such as trunk, open body and tank. It therefore enables transport from general cargo to chemical products and fuel, for example.

ON Atego 3030 8×2 It has a suggested retail price of R$595,629 and a gross vehicle weight (GWP) of 29 tons. Still, it’s a good option, as it has more payload compared to mechanical steeds with 4×2 drive, for example. In addition, Mercedes-Benz offers Atego 1730, with a price of R$ 449,304. However, in this case (PBT) is 17.1 t.


In addition, the 8×2 model circulates more easily in cities than mechanical horses, according to the company. It can also be driven by drivers with a category D license. On the other hand, to drive a mechanical horse, the driver must have a category E license. Therefore, the brand claims, it is easier to hire professionals who can drive the model.

Likewise, the Atego 3030 also appeals to entrepreneurs from the green sector, as well as self-employed and small fleet owners, traveling from farms to commercial warehouses. And with the advancement of e-commerce businesses, the flatbed truck is also winning over wholesalers. Thanks, above all, to the load capacity, which varies from 21.5 to 22.5, depending on the wheelbase.

technically prepared

The truck has three wheelbase versions: 4800 mm for the bucket. In addition to the 5400 mm spacing version, the most common and rated by stradão. The distance of 6300 mm is intended for those who operate with Romeo and Juliet. In this case, the PBT gain is 36 t.

The semi-heavy Atego 3030 is offered with a factory-fitted second steering axle. That is, to be completely synchronized with the first front axle. Therefore, this system offers better handling and handling of the vehicle as well as extends the life of the tires.

Another positive point is that both the 2nd steering axle and the 2nd twin axle can be hung when the truck is empty. This helps to save on tolls.

According to Mercedes-Benz engineering, although the model weighs 29 t, its technical payload exceeds 30 t. In other words, it’s a truck sized to handle the entire load.

Another advantage of the good load capacity is due to the tare weight, which varies between 7,410 kg and 7,696 kg depending on the intermediate axles. Which makes it one of the lightest in the category.

Due to these attributes, Mercedes-Benz has a 46.6% market share with the Atego 3030 and Atego 2630 models, both 8×2.

We review the Mercedes-Benz Atego 3030 8x2

Mercedes-Benz engine

The Atego 3030 8×2 is equipped with an engine manufactured by star. The 7.2-liter OM 926 LA is mounted on an in-line six-cylinder architecture. This engine develops 286 horsepower at 2,200 revolutions per minute. The 127 mkgf torque works between 1100 and 1200 rpm.

I drove the model with a fully automated Mercedes G 211 transmission, which is called 12-speed PowerShift. A system that does not use the clutch pedal. The Mercedes-Benz technical instructor, João Moita, recommended that I drive the truck in automatic mode all the time. So I could focus more on traffic. As well as getting good consumer ratings. After all, the transmission selects the best gear, according to the vehicle speed, revolutions and load. In this case, the truck was loaded with 27 t of PBT.

In this sense, when we started with the truck from the Mercedes-Benz factory in São Bernardo do Campo, on the Anchieta highway, the Atego quickly shifted from 1st to 3rd gear. It quickly reaches 50 km/h at 1200 rpm. In other words, with the power to take 27 t of PBT.


This broadcast brings features like Hill Hold. A system that holds the truck for 3 seconds until it comes out of inertia. So leaving a hill or a traffic light with a heavy truck no longer brings uncertainty.

Another item in the box that helps save fuel is the Eco Roll. When we drove along the Rodoanela, towards Aruja, it was possible to walk for meters using the resource. This is because when the system detects that there is no need for the accelerator pedal, it automatically disables the gear. In other words, the truck starts working in “Electronic toothless” mode, taking advantage of inertia.

For an idea, at 80 km/h in 12th gear, the rotation is 1000 rpm, with Eco Roll on. That is, at the beginning of the green rotation belt.

But Mercedes-Benz offers a manual version of the gearbox. products ZF, the box serves buckets. As well as field operations such as cane and wood.


We review the Mercedes-Benz Atego 3030 8x2

The flatbed truck offers a high level of comfort. The plate resembles that of the bigger brother Axor. With the same curvature as a similar trip computer. So, everything is in the hands of the driver, who still has a multifunctional steering wheel. Through it, it is possible to access the trip computer and the functions of the radio with Bluetooth located in the upper part of the driver’s side.

The metal suspension brings balanced stability to the vehicle. But Mercedes-Benz, through its modification center, can supply the model with air suspension as an option.

We drive in the most complete version in terms of cabin and finish. Thus, the workstation is equipped with a bunk bed. The space, although not occupied by the other driver, thanks to the safety net, serves as a good option for the trunk. In this regard, there is only one luggage rack on top of the passenger side. In addition, there is space in the door for item holders, as well as in the front part of the panel, which shares space with the cup holder.


Atego 3030 8×2 with a technical package worthy of a road tractor. And with the advantage that, thanks to the second steering shaft, it carries almost the same goods as a mechanical horse. Because of this plurality, the model is so successful among freelancers, fleet owners and shippers.

Datasheet Atego 3030 8×2

We review the Mercedes-Benz Atego 3030 8x2

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