Pernambuco needs to implement legislation so that flies do not stand in the way of investment in livestock

Considered one of the best organic fertilizers, the famous ‘chicken poop’ has become a problem in Pernambuco, Brazil’s fourth largest egg producer and ninth largest producer of chicken meat. Farmers from Barra de Guabirab, Bonita, Sairé, Camocim de São Félix, Cortês, Amaraji, Chã Grande, São Joaquim and Ribeirão understood to use it in nature in their crops of sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, tomatoes and other crops.

It went wrong. The rains of 2022 caused an infestation of a pest caused by an insect, seemingly harmless, but which kills calves, reduces the fertility of cows and increases the frequency of abortions, the stable fly. The use of chicken litter as fertilizer requires, according to the federal regulation (No. 25, of July 2009), to be fully incorporated into the soil and pasture only after 40 days. And when this does not happen, an infestation of flies is certain. That’s what happened this year with precipitation above the historical average.

The problem is that it has been affecting cattle herds so aggressively that it has scared ranchers in these areas, including losing animals and steers. Adagro revealed yesterday that it has embarked on a more stringent assessment of more than 30 small properties. It will take more and enforce compliance with state legislation that defines adjustments. Especially since the sector now wants to produce fattened cattle for slaughter in the country with the seal of SIF in an industrial plant. A stable fly infestation is just a nuisance.

I want to drive an SUV later this year

Webmotors’ survey on car buying and selling intentions, listening to two thousand users of the platform, reveals that 83% of Brazilians want to change models by the end of the year. The news is that 41% of 1,660 people ready to change their vehicle want an SUV with a flex-fuel engine. The price of the SUV made it the most wanted on Webmotors.

Brisanet secures the first million customers

Brisanet, an Internet operator operating in the northeast, from Ceara, has just reached the mark of 1 million organic users in fixed broadband service. He reached this number in August, when he gained over 22,000 new subscribers. The company operates in 152 cities in nine states in the Northeast.

Northeast rental private pension

Data from Susep reveals employment of 14.4% more private pension schemes in the North-East region in the first half. At Bradesco Vida e Previdência (BVP), the increase was 26.3% on a like-for-like basis, says Estevão Scripilliti, director of Bradesco Vida e Previdência.

Alibaba will promote Brazilian exports

China’s Alibaba Group, which controls shopping app AliExpress in Brazil, has announced an agreement with Apex to promote Brazilian products and services abroad. The project provides solutions for e-commerce, acceleration and digital transformation of Brazilian companies and training national entrepreneurs to explore digital tools to sell outside Brazil on their digital channels, allowing access to Asian and global markets.

GPA of 300 more stores by 2024

GPA, owner of the Pão de Açúcar and Mercado Extra brands, in Pernambuco, has decided to accelerate the opening of stores in the immediate vicinity and foresees 300 units by 2024 throughout the country. Of these, 50 are in the format of supermarkets, and 250 are in the format of proximity stores. In 2022, there will be 75 stores.

Vivix gift from Casa Zero which opens today

Vivix Vidros Planos, from the centennial Grupo Cornélio Brennand (GCB), will power Casa Zero, the country’s first social entrepreneurship mall, opening on Rua do Bom Jesus, in Recife Antigo. He is the patron of the revitalization project of building number 227, which today opens its doors to visitors and promises more life in one of the main tourist attractions in the city.

Protest says Brilux is an excellent choice

Brilux, the market leader in the North and North East in terms of cleaning products, has received another award for quality. Proteste, the largest consumer protection organization in Latin America, has certified the brand’s bleach with the “Excellent Choice” seal. Leading in the North and Northeast, the brand stands for more than 100 of the 300 items produced by the Pernambuco group Raymundo da Fonte.

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