Mercedes-Benz Sprinter completes 25 years of history and success in Brazil

Mercedes-Benz was introduced in Germany in 1995, and two years later in Brazil – Photo: Mercedes-Benz/Disclosure

Launched in 1997 in the country, the Sprinter line has since conquered the market with its versatility; since then there have been three successful generations

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Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans Brasil is now celebrating 25 years of the Sprinter’s history and success in the Brazilian market. Introduced in Germany in 1995, the Sprinter was the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle to be given its own name, which today stands for a wide range. Two years later, the line arrived in Brazil and marked the introduction to the country of the Large Vans segment, medium-sized commercial vehicles, with a total weight between 3.5 and 5 tons.

Produced in Argentina, the Sprinter was born with the important mission of satisfying the need for a medium-sized vehicle, with good cargo and passenger capacity, capable of agile movement in the dense traffic of large cities and guaranteeing ease of loading and unloading, thus overcoming the difficulties faced by traditional trucks. The new line in a way anticipated the exponential growth of e-commerce and the demand for city deliveries, which has increased in the last two years. The newcomer soon gained the trust of customers and users and over the years became part of the Brazilian urban landscape. More than 180,000 Sprinter units are circulating in Brazil today.

The Sprinter is one of the Mercedes-Benz models that is closest to the Brazilian public, directly or indirectly participating in the daily life of the country’s entire population. It perfectly demonstrates Mercedes-Benz’s focus on meeting the increasingly diverse and specialized needs of customers with greater efficiency, reliability and practicality.“, says Carlos Garcia, CEO and President of Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans Brazil.

Also, according to the CEO, Sprinter has a prominent role in delivery service for e-commerce, an increasingly important area of ​​activity. “This interaction with the customer and the user is one of the most important features of these 25 years of history and one of the reasons for the Sprinter’s success. And a guarantee that Mercedes-Benz will remain at the forefront of this important segment,” he concludes.

Offered in four different construction types – passenger van, glass van, van or chassis with cab – the Sprinter has 87 configuration options that allow the customer to choose the most suitable model for their needs. The range extends from passenger vans for school transport, tourism, transfers, city transport and charter to vans for delivery services and chassis with cab adapted to the transport of goods. Other prominent uses include ambulances, security vehicles and camper vans.

The Sprinter is a very significant product in the history of Mercedes-Benz. During these 25 years in the country, it has established a strong bond with its users because it follows the business innovations developed by our customers, offering reliability, economy and flexibility, which allows application in the most diverse areas.“, says Aline Rapassi, Vans Product Manager at Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans Brazil.

The second generation of the Sprinter line was launched in 2012 – Photo: Mercedes-Benz/Disclosure

Three generations of success

In 2012, the Sprinter received a second generation, bringing with it advanced assistance systems, such as the pioneering electronic stability program, ABS brakes and an airbag for the driver.

The third and current generation has further expanded the number of safety and comfort features for the driver and passengers. In addition to the ergonomic interior design, it has important active safety functions and equipment, such as the most comprehensive adaptive ESP in its category, hill start assistant, active braking assistant, crosswind assistant, driver fatigue warning and reversing camera.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter also has digital air conditioning, keyless engine start, electric steering, multifunction steering wheel and multimedia system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, USB inputs and audio streaming via Bluetooth.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter line currently has three versions – Photo: Mercedes-Benz/Disclosure

Sprinter for every type of business

With three basic versions (van, delivery van and chassis with cab) aimed at different uses and maintaining a flexible offering, the third generation also marked the debut of a glazed van, which allows for a wide variety of configurations for transporting people.

Dimensional options for vans are no less than 16. Sprinter 314 CDI Street, 315 CDI Street and 416 CDI vans are offered in three length options: short, long and extra-long, and four volume capacities, with 7.5 m³, 9m³, 10 ,5 m³ and 14 m³. The 516 CDI, with a larger capacity, has versions with 14 m³ and 15.5 m³ and two wheelbases. One of the great advantages of the Street versions is that they can be driven by drivers with a category B licence. Different equipment packages are offered for each model, multiplying the variety available to customers.

There are even more Sprinter Van options, starting with five different capacities (passengers + driver): 9+1, 15+1, 17+1, 19+1 and 20+1. Various equipment packages have been added to them, which include comfort elements such as front and rear air conditioning and luxury seats, as well as technological features such as autopilot.

The line also includes the Sprinter Truck, a chassis with a cab, which allows for virtually unlimited customization for a wide variety of uses. There are three basic options, with load capacities of 3,500 kg, 4,100 kg and 5,000 kg, the first and last with two wheelbase variants. All versions can have the Comfort or Hi-Tech package, and the Sprinter Truck 516 CDI with a longer wheelbase also has the Motorhome package, intended for this application, which has one passenger seat as a differential (in other versions there are two people).


In full compliance with the new emission standards in force in Brazil, in March this year the range began to include the new Sprinter Street 315 CDI line, which brings with it the new four-cylinder diesel engine OM654 of 163 hp, combined with a manual gearbox. of six gears. In addition to strengthening the desire for transportation in urban and mixed sections, the new line also stands out for its agility in traffic, fuel efficiency and low emissions.

In addition to the aluminum block, the new engine also stands out for its reduced weight, and is characterized by quieter operation and less vibration. For better performance and durability, the cylinders have a NANOSLIDE coating that reduces friction. From an environmental point of view, the OM654 engine has also reduced its emissions by adopting an exhaust gas recirculation and aftertreatment system. According to Inmetro measurement criteria, consumption is 6% lower in the city and 11% better on the road.

The Sprinter 315 CDI is the latest addition to the range – Photo: Mercedes-Benz/Otkrivanje

a complete package of services

In addition to the complete vehicle portfolio, Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans offers Sprinter customers two maintenance plans. The first covers regular maintenance and includes work and items such as air, oil and fuel filters and engine oil changes. The solution also includes checking more than 25 items.

The complete plan also includes replacement of worn components – brakes, clutches, suspension and oil – for a fixed monthly cost.

Sprinter users also have the option of contracting the Van Connect connectivity platform, a solution that allows configuring speed and route alerts, organizing routes, locating vehicles in real time with traffic visualization and helping to recover the car in the event of robbery or theft.

The German car manufacturer also offers customers the option of extending the one-year factory warranty for another one or two years by contracting the Additional Warranty, which can also cover, in addition to the powertrain, the injection system, the engine and the engine’s electrical systems. , suspension, steering, air conditioning and brakes.

Available in the entire sales network

Currently, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter line can be found throughout the Mercedes-Benz do Brasil dealership network, which has more than 180 points across the country. In each unit, customers find sales advisors ready to understand the operation in order to indicate the best vehicle configuration among 87 options, as well as qualified technical assistance and after-sales services. In addition, the line also has an exclusive service through eight specialized Van centers: three in Rio de Janeiro, two in Belo Horizonte, one in São Paulo, one in Fortaleza and one in Curitiba.

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