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With the increasing success of social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, companies, keeping an eye on marketing trends and consumer behavior, have also started using these platforms to connect with their customers and try to win them over. It is worth noting that Brazilian consumers have acquired new habits after the covid-19 pandemic and now e-commerce purchases have already become a public taste. According to research by Neotrust, the second quarter of this year saw a 4.3% increase in online sales in the country, resulting in a total of 89.6 million orders. This purchase amount generated revenue of approximately R$38.4 billion for e-commerce in the period.

Other data from a survey published by the market research company eMarketer shows that in 2020 only 17.8% of sales were made online, while in 2022 this value is forecast to increase to 21%, reaching US$5.5 trillion dollars on a global scale.

However, in the midst of so many digital marketing campaigns and promotions aimed at attracting and retaining customers, how do you get them to choose a particular brand? With that in mind, we’ve listed five tips to help you attract and retain new customers and increase sales this Buyer’s Day. Check:

Understand your niche audience
First of all, you need to pay attention to the challenges and opportunities of your niche audience and understand what they are looking for. For Mateus Magno, CEO of Samba Digital, a Sambatech company focused on digital transformation, this is one of the main points of communication with him. “From small retailers to large retailers, everyone is trying to stand out in the market and gain a competitive advantage. It is important to understand how its solutions can meet the demands of consumers and help solve their problems”, he analyzed.

In this context, we can highlight the use of some technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and data science, which enable brands to gain insights, develop analyzes and thus build assertive strategies. “Today, technology is the greatest ally when it comes to knowing the profile of the target audience, and therefore choosing these solutions must be carefully approached. Important data results in better decision-making”, says Armindo Sgorlon, CEO of SGA TI em Nuvem, a company that creates solutions to challenges affecting companies of different segments and sizes, through new technologies that include cloud applications, data modernization and cyber security.

Use data and the ecosystem to your advantage
From understanding who your audience is and their emerging needs, try to look at all available ecosystem information, from consumer behavior data to what competitors are offering. “With all this collected information, it is easier to analyze whether your company has solutions and products that can fill gaps in the market and attract consumers – but remember: you have to be agile and decisive in order not to waste time,” he points out.excellent.

Another important point is the way the brand treats the customer, after all, in the face of an increasingly competitive market where competitors appear with similar products and services, both in terms of price and functionality, investing in the customer’s purchase, in addition to contributing to customer loyalty , makes them promoters of the brand. “Gone are the days when we decided to buy a product just because of the price. This factor can enter the criteria, but it is not the only one. Today’s consumer, bombarded by instinctive competition, seeks to identify brands that really care about their profile and solve their problems with quality and transparency,” says Tomás Duarte, co-founder and CEO of, a Brazilian startup that is a reference in customer experience management.

Build a positive image
In order for businesses to stand out amid so much competition, they must develop communication strategies and plans that include scheduling, engagement, and good public relations. “An assertive choice of language, approach and format, as well as the way brands communicate with users, are key elements for building a positive image, which results in greater interest from people. It is necessary to define and know the target audience well in order to create interesting materials. Customers will only associate with companies that are up-and-coming and develop good content, which positively affects sales,” explains Jota Baptista, CMO and partner of Vivalista, the first proptech offering a complete platform for realtors and niche real estate agents. s The goal is to empower professionals, make them protagonists in the real estate segment.

It is worth noting that social commerce, in addition to strengthening the digital presence of the brand, wins the identification and trust of customers. “Social networks enable the company to have direct and constant contact with the customer and have a great influence on making purchase decisions. Social connectivity, which is considered the new word of mouth in retail, has become the main reason for winning over the majority of the e-commerce audience,” adds Jefferson Araújo, CEO of Showkase, an innovative Social Commerce platform.

Be aware of trends
In addition to feature knowledge, companies must study new ways to connect with the public through various channels. “Trends and channel formats are constantly emerging, and that’s why it’s interesting for companies to be familiar with all the news and topics that are currently the most talked about in order to create favorable communication and get to know the most modern in the universe. social networks. In this way, brands are more likely to gain prominence in the digital environment”, says Fábio Oliveira, CEO of SalesFarm, the first platform that hires sales staff through software and aims to connect entrepreneurs with sellers.

Bet your money back
Cashback has grown significantly in recent times, with a portion of the money spent on the product returned to the customer, either through a bank account or as a credit towards future purchases. According to Maria Cristina Kopacek, co-founder of Idezo, a fintech specializing in financial services for SMEs, with this type of system stores can secure a percentage of the value for all their products or limit the benefit to just a few. “This is one of the ways for the restaurant to retain consumers and increase the number of sales during Black Friday and other seasonal dates,” comments the entrepreneur.

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