Did you receive an email from PJ? Don’t open, it’s phishing – Computers

“The message is circulating on the Internet and various e-mail platforms,misuse of the judicial police and Interpol logos, as well as the name of Mr. National director of the PJ and other entities related to the judiciarysimulates an alleged call,” the PJ press release states.

THE the message is fake and part of a phishing campaignwith the intention of collecting personal information from victims who click on the links.

“This message is fake, it is part of a phishing campaign and represents a violation of the security of Internet and e-mail users,” the judicial police point out.

This is the image of the email that is circulating

Phishing email on behalf of the Judicial Police and Interpol” data-title=”Phishing email on behalf of the Judicial Police and Interpol – Did you receive an email from PJ? Do not open, it’s phishing – SAPO Tek”>

According to the published information, this message has “the sole purpose of committing the crime of illegal access and collecting personal data of the victims”. In this case there isAn intrusion involves the infection of user equipment with viruses or malicious software (malware) and can occur on any computer system, be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

PJ warns that whoever receives the e-mail does not open it. “Recipients of this fake email are advised not to execute the commands suggested by the message, to block the sender immediately, report spam and delete the message. You should not click on the links contained in them or open any attachment that is sent with this type of e-mail,” the information reads, at the same time informing the judicial police that it is working to determine the origin and authorship of this type of message.

Judicial police is more one of a long list of entities whose names and logos are used by hackers to try to trick users into clicking on links. SAPO TEK has already collected several examples of phishing, which it keeps in a constantly updated gallery.

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