Alibaba announces agreement to promote Brazilian exports

ON alibaba groupwhich controls in-app purchases AliExpress in Brazil, announced an agreement with top (Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency) promote Brazilian products and services abroad.

According to the company, the collaboration between the two entities will help promote e-commerce solutions and accelerate the digital transformation of Brazilian companies. In addition, the agreement will help train entrepreneurs who need to explore digital tools.

Alibaba is looking for solutions to accelerate e-commerce

The memorandum of cooperation was signed this week, on Tuesday, the 13th, in São Paulo, during the first day of the “E-Xport Meeting 2022” conference, which takes place until the 16th of this month. The document envisages that Apex will help identify Brazilian solutions that have the greatest potential to acquire clients abroad. On the other hand, Alibaba should facilitate the exposure of these Brazilian companies in digital channels that provide access to customers in Asian and global markets.


Together, the entities must organize “acceleration programs,” in which selected companies will receive technical support and training on how to use Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms, such as Tmall, a B2C marketplace that enables direct sales to end consumers in China. , and, a B2B platform that connects importers and exporters around the world.

The agreement also stipulates that participants in these programs are entitled to subsidies of up to 90% for the opening of Brazilian digital stores on the platforms of the Alibaba group. On the market, for example, Brazilian exporters will be able to list their products in the “Brazilian virtual pavilion” and find potential importers in more than 190 countries. A total of 26 million active international companies use Alibaba. com to find suppliers of goods and services.

On the Tmall platform, Brazilian exporters can create online stores to offer their products directly to more than 1 billion Chinese consumers.

Capacity building and market expansion

The agreement aims not only to train Brazilians how to manage digital commerce on these platforms, but also to expand knowledge about how Chinese e-commerce works, what are the characteristics of the local consumer and how to do marketing in China. “Digital Economy Training” courses will be offered not only to entrepreneurs, but also to Brazilian professionals working with foreign trade and students in fields such as international relations, marketing and administration.

According to Bill Anaya, director of government relations at Alibaba, Brazil has many world-class products that can capture foreign markets if exposed through the right channels. “We know these are challenging and transformative times, so we’re thrilled to be working with the talented team at Apex to open up new and more dynamic digital paths for Brazilian companies,” says Anaya.

long term relationship

China has been Brazil’s main trading partner for more than a decade. It wasn’t until 2021 that bilateral trade moved US$ 135 billion, with a strong surplus in favor of Brazil. China is also the country where e-commerce has the highest percentage of participation compared to physical retail. In total, more than 50% of China’s retail sales are in online channels. In Brazil, that percentage is 10%.

“Alibaba Group is an excellent trade partner for Brazil, not only for relations with China, but also with the whole world. We are working on results and this partnership has given concrete results and that is why this renewal is important. We are very pleased with this partnership”, said the president of ApexBrasil, Augusto Pestana.

Apex Brasil plays a key role in Brazil-China relations

The agreement between Alibaba and Apex Brasil deepens previous agreements, such as those signed in 2017 and 2018, to promote Brazilian food on the Tmall platform.

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