Univates language course is the best in Brazil in Enade

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The letter study – Portuguese and English offered by Univates in the face-to-face modality is the best in Brazil in the Enada concept. The Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Anísio Teixeira National Institute for Educational Studies and Research (Inep).

In this edition, 18 undergraduate courses at the Institution were evaluated: Biological Sciences (both bachelor’s degree and EAD diploma taught), Design, Physical Education (both bachelor’s and diploma and EAD diploma taught), History (degree and EAD taught), letters (EAD Diploma), Letters – Spanish (Personal Diploma), Letters – English (Personal Diploma), Pedagogy (Personal Diploma and Distance Learning Diploma), Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Development, Management of Information Technology and Computer Networks.

Letters – Portuguese and English and the on-site bachelor’s courses in physical education and higher technology in computer networks received a score of 5 in the Enada concept, which uses the performance of students who graduated in each subject on the exam to assign a score of 1 to 5 for graduation.

The IDD concept is a quality indicator that aims to measure the added value of the training process, such as the development of students’ skills, abilities and knowledge.

According to Inep, the evaluation cycle covered 7997 courses in 30 fields of knowledge, from several higher education institutions in Brazil. There were 492,461 students enrolled, of which 74% were undergraduates, 19% bachelors and 7% technological majors.

Featured Univates courses

In addition to proving the quality of Univates courses, the results also support improvement activities in pedagogical projects, in teaching methodology and in the Institution as a whole. According to the MEC, 25% of courses evaluated in the country achieved a level of excellence in evaluation (grades 4 and 5). At Univates courses, that percentage amounts to almost 60%.

The dean of Univates, Professor Evania Schneider, says that the results are a source of pride for the entire academic community and reflect the hard work and dedication of students, professors and administrative technicians.

Dean Evania Schneider (Photo: Disclosure)

“This is the result of joint work and great love for what we do. These indicators show that all the people who are part of Univates are working not only to build a better university, but also a better region, state and country for everyone. Through knowledge and the development of people, we transform our communities,” Evania points out.

Better results

– Biological Sciences – Baccalaureate: it is among the three best courses in Rio Grande do Sul (RS) in IDD.

– Biological sciences – degree (personal): best subject in RS in IDD.

– Design: among the four best subjects in RS in IDD.

– Physical education – baccalaureate: 3rd best course in Brazil in the Enada concept.

– Physical education – degree (personal): the best course in RS in IDD.

– Management of information technology: it is among the three best courses of universities in the south of the country in the Enada concept.

– Letters – Portuguese and English (in person): the best course in the country in the Enada concept.

– Computer networks: it is one of the three best courses in southern Brazil in the Enada concept.

– Information systems: it is one of the three best university courses in the south of the country in IDD.

Learn more about Enade

According to the law, Enade has been applied every year since 2004 and is one of the components of the National Higher Education Assessment System (Sinaes). The exam evaluates the performance of undergraduate students in relation to the proposed contents and the skills and competencies developed during the training. The participation of the selected student is mandatory and a condition for graduation. Each year, the exam is devoted to one year of the three-year assessment cycle.

On November 27, students from the following Univates majors will participate in the exam: Administration, Accounting Sciences, Social Communications with a qualification in Advertising, Law, Journalism, Psychology, International Relations, Gastronomy, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Logistics, Marketing, Management Processes and foreign trade. Click here to learn more about the 2022 AI/VM release

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