The World Cup, Black Friday and the election: how will it move e-commerce?

Historically, commemoration has been very important to retail. After all, we are talking about opportunities to approach the customer in a different way, appealing to a sense of urgency.

In the case of this year, the last quarter is expected to be very busy.

This is the time to prepare for events that should boost the country’s economy, such as Black Friday and the World Cup.

As e-commerce tends to grow during periods of change (see what happened during the months of social isolation), it’s time to prepare for events that should boost the country’s economy.


The first aspect to consider is the consolidation of multichannel audience behavior.

It is important to keep this in mind, even in order to properly deal with any fluctuations in sales.

On the last marked dates, such as Father’s Day, e-commerce did not record the same average growth as in 2020 and 2021. However, this was already expected, since e-commerce in those periods was well above the average, even for a reason to close shops.

For those who work multi-channel, it is important to be able to serve the client in the way that is most convenient for them.

And in this sense, the one who succeeds in acting in an integrated way, exploring the potential of each of his channels, leads the way.

What is very clear, when we analyze the movement of the market, is that even if the sale does not happen in digital, it is crucial to influence the buyer’s decision.

In this case, we think about everything that happens during the buying journey. Where has research been conducted on product characteristics and prices? Was the customer influenced by the post on the social network? Received a message via WhatsApp? Have you been approached by an in-store email marketing campaign?

In short, companies today have countless opportunities to interact with the customer and, of course, help him make a decision. Now, the choice of channel depends on a number of factors such as cost, urgency, convenience, etc.

That’s why, when we analyze the expectations for the coming months, we have to take into account the possibilities that can set the brand apart from the competition.

What will be the impacts of the main events in the last quarter of 2022?

As we said at the beginning, we have no doubt that intense times await us.

It’s already a busy second semester for retail, and this year we have the elections and the World Cup, which will take place very close to one of the most important dates for the trade, Black Friday.


There are those who look at the election period with fear, because of the turmoil that has arisen in the economy, but we must take into account that the situation will be resolved at the beginning of November.

In addition, the measures currently adopted by the Government are expected to be important in injecting more money into the economy at the end of the year, helping to improve consumer conditions.

world cup

The debut of the Brazilian team takes place on November 24 and, as happens during the event period, should generate additional purchases.

The first matches in Brazil will be played at 4pm, which is a good time for people to gather and watch the matches.

Besides bars, restaurants and entertainment in general, other categories, such as clothing, can have a positive impact.

Not to mention the electronics sector, which tends to be more in demand in the run-up to the games, as the population tends to use the event as a good excuse to update their gear.

And most importantly, a party atmosphere that has positive effects on the consumer.

sexta-feira black

Consolidated in the national calendar, the main sale of the year should be analyzed more closely in 2022.

The event takes place on Friday, November 25, the day after Brazil’s World Cup debut.

The proximity of the event is expected to help push the date even further, but companies will have to plan better. As football will be present, campaigns will need to be more focused to create the buzz that brands want.

By analyzing historical data about the event, the Opinion Box research provides some important insights:

  • consumers expect an offer from the category of electronics, household appliances and small household appliances. These are products with higher prices and therefore the population believes that it is worth waiting for the opportunities that the companies are preparing.
  • another important category (and one that should continue to grow) is fashion and accessories.
  • When planning strategies, it is important to consider what can detract from the user experience. In 2019, 54% of consumers would stop shopping because of a lack of trust, and 51% because of shipping costs. In 2020, 60% of consumers would not make a purchase due to high shipping costs, and 43% due to a lack of trust. Already in 2021, 56% would give up because of high delivery, and 46% because of distrust of the store.
  • it is recommended, in order to minimize these objections, to invest in the promotion of the brand, so that consumers have a positive perception of it. It is worth remembering that in this case, in addition to advertising campaigns, it is essential to monitor social networks and review sites, since they are probably important sources of client consultation.
  • Regarding the issue of transportation costs, there are some ways around the difficulty. In addition to early negotiations with suppliers, to ensure more favorable sales conditions, it is possible to study the offer of discount coupons, cash back coupons or even the possibility of recalling the product in the store.

Due to its importance for increasing sales of companies, we have no doubt that Black Friday requires more and more attention from managers, so that stores can be better prepared.

Within this scenario that we mentioned (with elections and the World Cup), it is necessary to intensify investments because the chances of consumers being more inclined to buy are high.

For the e-commerce ecosystem, this is a crucial period, not least because it is the axis of omnichannel behavior. Those who manage to align their strategies to get the best out of each sales channel will usually do very well in 2022, despite the turmoil.

We must also bear in mind that there has been a maturation on the part of the Brazilian consumer.

Without losing sight of the fact that, in addition to consumers who joined online shopping during the pandemic, Generation Z is also coming, which increases its share of the consumer market every year, strengthening its presence at major events, such as Black Friday.

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