The rarity of additional figures from the Copa album creates a parallel market; prices exceed R$ 14 thousand

Every World Cup year, cup album fever usually heats up the climate around the world before the competition begins. This year was no different, from the youngest to the most experienced soccer fans who want to complete the album and get special stickers.

New to the Qatar Cup album are additional stickers. Panini, the producer of the book, selected a list of great players and divided them into legends and “Rookies”, as well as four color variants: “base, bronze, silver and gold”.

To give you an idea of ​​the rarity of getting the 20 selected player variations, the collector can find an additional burgundy figure on every 190 pack; bronze for every 317 packages; silver every 950 packs; gold for every 1900 packages.

In this way, a new parallel market for trading figurines appeared on the Internet. Chromes of players from the Brazilian national team, notable players such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and additional stickers are sold in the e-commerce for unimaginable values.

One of the places that collectors use to sell figurines is Mercado Livre, an e-commerce network that sells a variety of products. Thinking about this scenario, we have made a list of the highest values ​​that are charged for additional stickers and players of the Brazilian team.

Another point of interest is the most expensive price found in the survey. At first, it was expected that Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar would have the most cards, but the figure of the most expensive player did not even come close to the big names of current football.

Among the newbies, North American Giovanni Reyna sells his gold figurines online at a price of R$14,450. That’s right, the chrome exceeds the R$ 12 thousand that is charged for the same version of Neymar.


Almoez Ali (Qatar) – gold R$ 4500; Silver 599 BRL; Bronze 187.90 BRL; Burgundy BRL 195

Christian Eriksen (Denmark) – gold R$ 1000; Silver 270 BRL; Bronze 891 BRL; Bordeaux 399 BRL

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – gold R$ 5000; silver 3290 BRL; bronze 1299 BRL; Bordeaux 700 R$

Guillermo Ochoa (Mexico) – gold R$799; Silver 599 BRL; Bronze 352.46 BRL; Bordeaux BRL 199

Heung Min Son (South Korea) – gold R$ 2500; Silver 899 BRL; Bronze 1000 BRL; Burgundy BRL 249

Kevin de Bruyne (Belgium) – gold R$ 1100; Silver 499 BRL; Bronze 749 BRL; Bordeaux 1000 BRL

Kilian Mbappé (France) – gold R$ 7200; Silver 4500 BRL; Bronze 650 BRL; Bordeaux 3290 BRL

Lionel Messi (Argentina) – gold R$ 5000; silver 3289 BRL; bronze 3289 BRL; Bordeaux 3290 BRL

Luís Suarez (Uruguay) – gold R$890; Silver R$ 750; Bronze 999 BRL; Burgundy BRL 282

Luka Modrić (Croatia) – Gold R$3000; Silver 900 BRL; Bronze 1000 BRL; Bordeaux 500 BRL

Neymar Jr (Brazil) – gold R$ 12 thousand; Silver R$ 1799; Bronze 1230 BRL; Bordeaux 7550 BRL

Rafael Varane (France) – gold R$899; Silver 700 BRL; Bronze 325 BRL; burgundy R$ 60

Robert Lewandowski (Poland) – gold R$ 2200; Silver 769 BRL; Bronze 800 BRL; Bordeaux R$ 400

Sadio Mané (Senegal) – gold R$ 990; Silver R$ 699; Bronze 1700 BRL; Burgundy BRL 999


Alphonso Davies – gold R$ 1099; Silver R$ 386; Bronze 1800 BRL; Bordeaux 350 BRL

Dušan Vlahović – Gold R$600; silver 1050 BRL; Bronze 538 BRL; Bordeaux R$ 600

Gavi – gold R$ 500; Silver 1000 BRL; Bronze 78 BRL; Burgundy BRL 189

Giovanni Reyna – gold R$ 14,450; Silver 499 BRL; Bronze 300 BRL; Bordeaux BRL 176

Jude Bellingham – gold R$763.59; Silver R$ 278.49; Bronze 269.77 BRL; Bordeaux 195.69 BRL

Ryan Gravenberch – gold R$ 1100; Silver R$ 393.22; Bronze 1200 BRL; Burgundy BRL 195

Brazilian team:

Alisson – 390 BRL

Ederson – 76.90 BRL

Danilo – 76.90 BRL

Alex Sandro – 76.90 BRL

Eder Militão – 390 BRL

Marquinhos – 390 BRL

Thiago Silva – 390 BRL

Fred – 76.90 BRL

Paquetá – 390 BRL

Fabinho – 390 BRL

Casemiro – 35 BRL

Philippe Coutinho – 390 BRL

Vinicius Jr – 78.90 BRL

Richarlison – 390 BRL

Gabriel Jesus – 76.90 BRL

Antony – 390 BRL

Neymar – 148 BRL

Raphinha – 390 BRL

The list produced included advertisements in which said player stickers were sold separately at the highest value. There are offers at a number of prices, including the ability to choose legends according to the capabilities of each.

As the “new market” is temporary and without special criteria, each seller contracts the value and charges the price as he wishes. It’s up to the collector to do their research to get the best deal or to venture into buying small packages. It is worth remembering that each package contains five figurines and costs R$ 4 at Panini-authorized sales points, that is, each chrome costs R$ 0.80.

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