The B2B buying and selling process can be facilitated by a digital platform

Most companies work with multiple systems and use many databases in their daily business routines. But the main problem with this operation is the lack of communication not only between these systems, but also between the people who use them. The market is constantly changing with digital transformation, with the right to the emergence of new services that facilitate all automation processes.

One such example is Easy B2B, a platform that connects industries, franchises, retailers, suppliers and distributors. Created in 2019, it was born aimed at meeting the demands of the inevitable digital transformation, but I did not imagine that it would come so quickly and so suddenly. After all, the following year the world felt the urgency of these issues with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, you no longer need to initiate a lengthy process that typically requires multiple approvals at a cost that could be saved.

Since many organizations are forced to digitize their processes, starting came at the right time as the best solution that a large company needed for central buying or selling in large quantities. Both are common behavior in the B2B market.

“In buying and selling between companies, you see a path that no longer makes sense: the buyer has to ask for more than one offer, sending a list of items to be analyzed one by one. There are cases where another four and a half months are needed for implementation. What company has that much time to spare? Then comes Easy B2B, we are ready to fulfill all these requirements in the shortest possible time”, comments Renato Ferraz, director of Easy B2B.

Using B2B Higher technology, starting have developed an easy-to-use platform that can provide companies with autonomy and flexibility. In this way, the company representative gets more time to make more sales with the chances of generating more business for the organization. This eliminates the need to carry out a long process that usually requires several approvals at a cost that could be saved.

The entry of platforms of this type is also coming to change certain behaviors in B2B businesses. Among them there are some commercial practices that are so widespread in Brazil that they are becoming increasingly obsolete. For example: the appearance of a sales representative in every operation of this type, as is usually done in Brazil, proved to be less efficient and faster than compared to, for example, the American market. This shows the need for changes that promote the needs of the new market for optimizing costs and increasing profits.

With digital transformation, B2B sees that this approach must change. Effective information sharing is key to ensuring a great customer experience. By integrating systems that support e-commerce such as Content Management – CMS, Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP, Customer Relationship Management – CRM, Product Information Management – PIM, Marketing Automation – MA, among others, the company can easily share valuable data between different departments.

For Ferraz, digital transformation has completely changed buying and selling between companies. “The idea of ​​Easy B2B is to further modify this buying and selling relationship. Although commercial internet has existed in Brazil since the 1990s, it has not been reflected within companies, and we want this to happen in 2022,” concludes the CEO.

The platform that connects industries, franchises, traders, suppliers and distributors was founded in 2019 with the idea of ​​facilitating the buying and selling process between companies. Today, his platform works in product procurement in an operation that even resembles a well-known one markets such as Mercado Livre, Amazon and others focused on the end consumer.
However, according to the company, the difference from Easy B2B is that it operates exclusively on B2B. Because it works with a qualified audience, it offers technology and customization that are more suitable for doing business between organizations.


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