Discover 5 online payment solutions for your business

Online payment solutions are increasingly present in our everyday life. With the development of technology, internet and online transactions, it is common to use this medium for buying and selling.

E-commerce in Brazil is growing rapidly, especially with new virtual stores opening every day. Along with the proliferation of credit card machines, the market for online payment services also had to offer more competition.

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’ve probably used one of these services. They enable transactions between consumers and sellers in an online environment, with security and convenience.

How to choose online payment solutions?

The possibilities are numerous and as diverse as possible. New solutions appear and it is increasingly difficult to choose the ideal one for your business. What you need to analyze in your choice is exactly what your business needs.

Look for simplicity, availability, security and a range of payment options for the customer. In addition, it is also important to think about practicality and proper support for those who sell.

Experts claim that the process of receiving payments is directly related to business productivity. This is because an organized and safer process avoids unnecessary additional costs and can still affect the results.

The issue of security is undoubtedly the most important. When buying online, it is necessary to perform several data security analyzes in order to complete the sale without risk.

Another point to analyze is the service contract. Many business owners increase their costs with several separate services and end up paying more in fees than expected. It is ideal to find a tool that allows integration between payments such as credit cards, debit cards and bank slips.

Imagine that the payment chain is quite complex. In fact, the process to the end involves several specific agents. They are, for example, acceptors, banks, card issuers and gateways. Each agent participates in a different step of the online shopping process and all are necessary to complete the transaction.

Discover 5 online payment solutions

There are many options on the market for online payment solutions, and to make your choice, be sure to compare prices and terms. Keep in mind that a good choice of online payment service can increase the productivity of your business and significantly increase sales.

1- PagSeguro

PagSeguro is the most well-known and widely used because it has a wide range of flags and payment methods. It has very comprehensive solutions. In addition to online payments, it also offers physical solutions, such as the well-known devices for credit and debit cards (Moderninha and Minizinha).

He was a pioneer in Brazil and has the support of the UOL group. It offers three different types of gateways for the customer to choose from, according to their needs.

It is a good option for large marketplaces and e-commerce because it offers all the necessary structure for large transactions.

Companies that sell through multiple channels (phone, booth, physical store, virtual store) can have one account. PagSeguro is also often used by those who do not have a fixed point of sale, for example: food trucks and street vendors.

2- PayPal

PayPal is ideal for beginners, but has large clients such as Uber, Latam and Casas Bahia. Originated in the United States, today it has more than 200 million users worldwide.

Very popular in Brazil, it offers market presence, agility and security as a differentiator. Its platform has easy integrations, payment buttons integrated into the sales website and transparent billing.

With e-mail payments, you can send payments worldwide. Paypal prioritizes data security, using modern protection technologies.

3- Pay me offers several payment methods, both for Marketplaces and subscription and e-commerce sites. It therefore covers recurring or subscription services, with a billing automation service.

It has agile compliance, with reports and information on a very intuitive dashboard. Ideal for those who want to sell online without worrying about steps between intermediaries and payment gateways.

According to the website, “92% of payment attempts are approved”.

4- Moip

Moip began as a startup and today is one of the largest online payment companies in Brazil. It certainly offers risk analysis, financial reconciliation, advance payments, and anti-fraud tools, among other services.

The brand has created transparent billing that increases website conversion rates by at least 30%. It also pioneered a payment sharing solution for marketplaces, which shares real-time value between two parties.

There is no monthly fee as it is charged per approved transaction. So it focuses on getting as many conversions as possible for the merchant. Undoubtedly, the difference is to have in one contract all means of payment available on the market.

5- Cloudshop

Cloudshop created an online payment solution called Nuvem Pago, with the aim of integrating virtual stores with the platform itself. Therefore, it is easier for you to manage your e-commerce and payment method in one place.

The payment method is transparent, where payment is made on the same page as the online store, without redirects or pop-ups. This makes the user experience more fluid, offering greater ease for your customers.

In this way, the shopping experience is more direct, providing greater comfort and fluidity during the entire process. In addition, the prices of this platform are competitive with the market. However, what makes Paid Cloud even more attractive is that it waives fees per sale made on the platform.

It is also worth mentioning that several forms of payment are accepted, such as Boleto, debit, credit card and even Pix. Another positive point is that Nuvemshop has even created a sales control spreadsheet that helps you with this financial control.

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