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Rosilene Rocha, 34, arrived at 1pm the previous day to be seenReginaldo Pimenta / Agency O Dia

Published on September 13, 2022 at 2:18 p.m

Rio – Beneficiaries of social programs from City Hall and the Federal Government faced long queues outside the Oswaldo Antônio Ferreira Reference Center for Social Assistance (CRAS), in Realengo, western zone of Rio, on Tuesday morning (13), to receive information and update CadÚnico . Many arrived at dawn, however, some returned home without help, as the number of passwords available was not enough to meet those seeking re-registration.

“It’s a great negligence towards the population. People come there at dawn, in the dark, in the cold and stay in plastic chairs, outside, waiting for hours to be served, and even then they can’t. Many there have small children at home. , like mine case, elderly parents to take care of, or sometimes they are sick, and even so they go there and wait for the dawn, with a cold, to get access to the benefits, which are our right,” said Janaína, 41, a resident of Magalhães Bastos. The cashier, who has been unemployed for eight months, also complained about the insecurity of spending the night in the bar.

According to her, who arrived at CRAS at 5am and was unable to check in again, some women who were in line, fearing the crowds and little movement during the night, planned to create a Whatsapp group to coordinate travel together to the site.

“The woman who was there took the number of everyone who didn’t make it, so we can make a group and come together tonight (Tuesday) for the next attempt. It’s a dangerous area and none of us feel safe spending the night out,” finished Janaína .

Maid Laura Maria, 55, a resident of Realengo, said she had faced this routine for a long time and had spent several nights in the same queue on other occasions. “I’m old there, I have two benefit cards, the old Bolsa Família card and the Carioca Card. It’s always the same problem, we stand in line for hours and get nothing. I’m looking for it now that I’m unemployed, but I haven’t received it since May, because I have to update my registration for Auxílio Brasil, a replacement for Bolsa Família, to unlock my card.”

Another person who could not get help to update his 3-year-old son’s registration is Marcos Jovino, 44, who works as a janitor. According to him, those who came before 5 am also remained without service.

“Only 30 passwords because they don’t want to solve our situation, they don’t call us. If it were the other case, they would have found a faster and more effective solution. This total disregard for the population is absurd. They just remember the poor during the election,” said Marcos who also complained about the danger of being exposed in line at dawn.

“That place is terrible in terms of violence. Very dangerous, there are drug deals and robberies that keep repeating themselves. If even I, a young man, am afraid to stay there at dawn, imagine who is a woman or an elderly person,” protested Markos.

Rosilene Rocha, 34, who arrived at the site at 13:00 the day before (12), was able to receive help and update her Bolsa Família registration for Auxílio Brasil after waiting in line for more than nineteen hours.

“I was able to work it out the first time because I planned to come well in advance and face this trip. Whenever I passed by here, I noticed that the line was very long and there was no other date I could try if it wasn’t practice today because I have three children and leaving the children with someone is always a difficult task,” said Rosilene.

On the 5th, the City Hall of Rio resumed CadÚnic service in its 47 Reference Centers for Social Assistance (CRAS), after the system went down due to a cyber attack on the municipality’s data center. In all, CRAS was unable to provide face-to-face service for 21 days.

In a memo, the municipal welfare secretary reported that, due to the hacking attack, all computers used for registration were unusable and that 200 new machines were urgently purchased to restart service to those seeking federal transfer programs, limiting each CRAS to 60 applications per day , due to the limited number of computers.

Also, the agency states, eight special application centers will work on two Saturdays, September 17 and 24, in the areas of greatest demand. The addresses of these centers, however, have not yet been published.

Asked about the long queue at CRAS in Realeng, SMAS did not comment. The working hours of the Reference Centers for social assistance are from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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