The deadline for sending documents by those invited to the remaining vacancies from September 5 expires this Monday — UFRGS

Candidates who were invited in the notices about vacancies for matriculation on September 5 have until Monday, September 12 at 11:59 p.m. to submit complete documentation, according to the enrollment competition. The remaining vacancies are from the 2022 selection processes: Vestibular, SiSU, PSE Marine Biology (Biomar) and also from the 2022/2 Terminalidades Campus Litoral Norte and the additional selection process, for enrollment in the second semester of 2022 or the first semester of 2023. School year [o ingressante deve conferir a especificidade no edital em que consta seu nome]. Invitees are obliged to send the documentation through the Portal for candidates.

The Coordinating Committee for Enrollment in Undergraduate Studies of UFRGS emphasizes that the candidate must comply with the accompanying documentation of his enrollment modality, in accordance with the Public Invitation and the Vestibular Handbook for Candidates, the SiSU Public Invitation at UFRGS, the Public Invitation and in the PSE Biomar Handbook for Candidates , Public Notice and PSE Terminalidades CLN Handbook for Candidates and Public Notice and Additional PS Handbook for Candidates, in accordance with the enrollment procedure. New calls for remaining vacancies, if any, will be published on the website

See call notifications:

See all announcements about calls at:

Next, carefully read the instructions for everyone invited!

Sending documents

Accompanying documents must be submitted by those invited via the candidate portal (, from 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 6 to 11:59 p.m., Monday, September 12, in high-quality scanned files, no larger than 5 MB, in .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf formats. Candidates can use a scanner or mobile phone with a good resolution camera, and the documents must be legible and of good quality, without cuts or deletions.

The candidate portal has been tested and approved only for use in Firefox and Chrome browsers on PCs, and the use of mobile phones or tablets to send documentation is not recommended. You can access instructions on submitting documents on the candidate portal, and you can find more information on this topic on the Ingresso portal.

There is a block of documents that is mandatory for ALL candidates, regardless of the type of enrollment. Are they:

  • School leaving certificate and secondary school leaving certificate: two documents can be on the same sheet, and the history must contain the workload and the curricular component, that is, the number of hours of classes and a description of the course. It must also be signed by the competent authority. Documents are also mandatory for a candidate who already has a higher education. In the case of a candidate who graduated from high school abroad, it is necessary to present a Statement on the equivalence of studies.
  • Updated identification document, which contains a clear photograph of the candidate and is in good condition. Confirmed issuing agencies are described in the public notice of the selection process, but valid, among others, ID card, driver’s license (CNH), work permit, passport and documents issued by professional orders and councils and armed forces. Documents such as TRI or student card, for example, are not valid in this case;
  • Statement on the filling or non-filling of another position at the undergraduate study of a public higher education institution. This form will be filled out digitally on the Candidate Portal. A participant who marks on this form that he takes a place in a public higher education institution will have up to five working days after the immediate application (second phase) to withdraw from one of the courses.

In addition to these documents, those applying for Affirmative Action (quotas – L1, L2, L3/L5, L4/L6, L9, L10, L13 and L14) must submit documentation related to their type of admission. The documents required for each case are described in the Public Notice and in the 2022 Vestibular Examination Manual, in the SiSU Public Notice at UFRGS and in the Public Notice, in the PSE Biomar Candidate Handbook, in the Public Notice and in the PSE Terminalidades CLN Candidate Handbook and in the Public notices and the Additional Handbook for PS candidates or on the Ingresso portal.

Applicants must pay attention to the deadline for the publication of documents on the candidate portal, as the service of sending documents is terminated on September 12 at 23:59 (Brazilian time). The candidate portal has been tested and approved only for use in Firefox and Chrome browsers on PCs, and the use of mobile phones or tablets to send documentation is not recommended. At the end of the process, along with submission for analysis, the participant will receive a confirmation that the process has been completed. Unsuccessful submission of documents at this stage leads to the loss of a vacant position.

Inquiry channels

You can find information about the enrollment procedure in the invitation notice. For assistance with the application process, candidates can seek online or face-to-face consultations:

– Website:;

– E-mail: (answered from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.);

– Portal for candidates: Instructions for sending documentation;

ON personal assistance for candidates in the process of enrolling in university undergraduate studies, it is open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., in Annex 1 of the Rectorate, in Campus Centro, at Avenida Paulo Gama, 110, near Sala Redenção – Cinema Universitário, in Porto Happy. On the spot, interested parties can talk and ask questions about the documentation required for registration. It is important to note that a protective face mask must be worn during the service.

After sending the documents

After confirming the application, the new applicant must continue with the analysis of the documentation through the Candidate Portal and proceed to the final stage of registration, before the start of the admission semester. Approval is communicated through the Candidate Portal itself. Applicants through the racial quotas (L2, L4/L6, L10 and L14) should be aware of the publication of the call list for ethnic-racial self-declaration verification and ethnic-racial self-declaration verification sessions, which will be published on the relevant website.

The second enrollment stage (freshmen enrollment) will be conducted according to the candidate’s admission semester. Other dates, such as the start of classes, are available in the Academic Calendar.

Elections 2022

Due to the election period, the contents of the UFRGS are published on temporary profiles on social networks. To follow, follow the University on the main networks: Facebook:, Twitter: @ufrgstemporario and Instagram: @ufrgstemporario. See also news about restrictions.

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