Samsung Odyssey Ark – is the investment worth it?

With the development of technology, a new demand has been created: specially developed hardware that can meet the quality requirements that people demand for their daily lives. That is, people today would probably be disappointed if they had to go back to the first computers that appeared, or even cell phones before they got smart.

This applies to everything, therefore the use of the most modern equipment is becoming more and more common. It is no longer uncommon to see people using high-end monitors, or even other screens, connected to their computers, both for entertainment and work. In the case of MMORPG games, for example, the use of a good monitor can significantly affect the player’s experience — since no detail of the story can be lost.

Knowing about this new demand, brands have bet big on launching more and more updated devices on the market. Not losing to any other giant in the sector, Samsung is not far behind and recently launched a monitor that promises to leave users speechless. Learn more about this artwork!

More details about the Samsung Odyssey Ark

The new curved monitor announced by Samsung, the Odyssey Ark, has nothing more, nothing less than 55 inches on a curved screen arranged in a maximum 4k resolution. In addition, the machine will have some features designed exclusively for gamers, including Smart TV features — the best quality.

For those who want to know the machine “inside”, the screen has a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a state-of-the-art AMD FreeSync Premium processor. This whole system makes the response time between the video card and the monitor practically indescribable — which helps when used in conjunction with a computer or video game, especially for streaming heavier games that require more video card. .

The monitor also has HDMI ports and four speakers with the already beloved Dolby Atmos, creating an experience that no one can fault, which is an excellent investment. The monitor can arrive in Brazil at a price of over $17,000. So it can stay on people’s wish list for a long time.

Universe player: how far will technology go?

In increasingly technological times, in which, for example, the Metaverse is gaining more and more space and even shaping the way some influencers behave online, the universe player he is far from having already lived through his prime. This is because the trend is that the world player to develop more and more, taking advantage of the opportunities that appear, expanding in society and winning even more fans.

At the hardware level, players are very well served, with features that exceed the wildest dreams of any 1990s gamer. In addition, the software is also increasingly well thought out and detailed, as if they were real works of art developed by artists who could spend years developing the program.

Nothing fairer than offering the best to the lovers of this universe. Anyway, players they move a lot of money a year to several countries around the world, whether it’s buying games or personal stuff or eSports mod championships, which is another one that seems to have stuck — and benefits from alternate realities like the Metaverse.

High-end monitors: luxury or necessity?

When faced with the price of a new Samsung monitor, many people may be in absolute shock. It is not very common for the reality of most Brazilians that a screen costs the same as, for example, a used car, however, the use of screens with better resolutions is increasingly present in society.

In general, people started paying more attention to monitors a few years ago, especially considering the need that arose from some professions. Designers, for example, benefit a lot from using high-quality canvas, which allows them to better design their products, achieving a more promising end result. In addition, monitors are often used as second displays, increasing productivity, so professionals can have more than one program open at the same time — simplifying the workspace.

As much as investing in state-of-the-art displays is still not a reality for many people, it’s an increasingly strong trend, both on a personal and professional level, and the demand for this type of product is increasing — which can be a good sign for tech lovers. Perhaps the prices of monitors like the new Odyssey Ark could drop significantly in the near future, but in the meantime, it’s up to “mere mortals” to appreciate one of the most powerful machines of our time!

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