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1. Disc: The latest album of the group Muse, “Volja naroda” has arrived. It’s one of your best works. Safe, less concerned and, as always, clearly political. The apathy of the time we live in, in which we allow everything, is strongly shaken by this record. With some clichés of political correctness, it manages, in the end, to be explosive for the warnings it leaves. Listen a lot.

2. Book: “The Bomber Mafia”, by Malcolm Gladwell, is one of those books that you can read in one sitting. It’s not a novel, and it’s not even an essay. Is it possible to have an armed conflict in which moral commandments prevail over the laws of war? There were those who in the middle of World War II argued that it was. Some people believed that the use of precision bombing (destroying specific military targets, munitions factories, etc.) could limit the deaths of soldiers and civilians and shorten World War II. This book tells that story.

3. Once upon a time there was an ACAPORAMA. For those who don’t know, ACAPORAMA is the Association of People’s Homes of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. In other words, the armed wing of the socialist orange garden, to which the Regional Government directs funds, supports and subsidies that it cannot give to the Parish Councils.

Mrs. ACAPORAMA has many “children” and they are scattered everywhere. From Água de Pena to Tabua, from São Martinho to Ponta Delgada, from Jardim da Serra to Caniça. PSD “dad” gave her everything, to be the mother of so many people.

Now, this ACAPORAMA was sitting in her office one day, she seemed to be doing something good. ACAPORAMEs like to pretend they work. But only to give air. I was saying that ACAPORAMA was sitting in her office pretending to be doing something good, when, lo and behold, she had a bright idea. “How about the acquisition of laptops, printers and IT technical support services”. That’s what he thought and that’s how he laid down to do it.

She made some calls, meetings, lunches, dinners until late at night and after so much work our ACAPORAMAZINHA realized how good the idea was. But what a nice idea to make an acquisition of laptops, printers and IT support services, she thought, full of pride in her buttons. He made several additions and disappearances of amounts and reached 887,500 euros. Which seemed like a good number. There were always 1,500 computers and 1,500 printers.

He immediately tried to push the bureaucracy to procure laptops, printers and IT support services to provide computer equipment to needy families.

In the specification book, with great pleasure, ACAPORAMAZITA, because it is a joke, wrote things that made me cry: that the equipment would have to be delivered five (5) days after the contract was made; that computers would have to have SATA disks, which no one uses anymore; with processor 2019; that the computers will have to have the Dell TechDirect management tool installed because ACAPORAMA uses this tool (which is not understood, because they are computers for poor families).

Moral of the story: with five-day deliveries, these computers already exist and are in a warehouse somewhere ready to ship. With the definition of an unnecessary management tool, one can almost guess the brand of equipment.

This ACAPORAMA is the rogue here.

Victoria, Victoria, the story is over.

4. Scooters. The scooters have arrived. Again, a foreign body is introduced into the fabric of Funchal, without carrying out any study on the impact, need or structure (location of exit points and delivery points, conditions of use, locations of circulation, etc.).

Across Europe, where we copy models and ideas without knowing whether they are locally appropriate, cities are increasingly banning the unregulated use of this means of transport, when they simply do not ban it.

They block sidewalks, walk everywhere without insurance, annoy drivers who don’t notice them because they are silent and kill. Yes, there are cases of deaths from falling drivers (who are not even wearing helmets) and from being run over by third parties.

Funchal has a bicycle path, because it is not a city that has such a structure, where pedestrians walk. The current mayor, in an orderly attitude, spent €150,000 to destroy part of it, and now allows scooters everywhere. The capital of the region is not a city for bicycle paths, nor for scooters.

When in use, they’re real bullies on the pavement — fast enough to annoy pedestrians and create safety issues. If we make them walk on the road, they are slow and vulnerable in the middle of vehicles weighing over a thousand tons, not to mention the potholes that swallow their small tires in no time.

The problem is not only in its use. When they are “abandoned” at the end of use, they also pose a danger. Especially for people with disabilities.

The first signs of abandonment begin to appear in an undefined area. It’s like that everywhere. Anyone who thinks that this will improve over time is mistaken. A few days ago I saw two people riding a scooter, which is a double danger.

On the other hand, the regional government, with the support of PSD and CDS, quickly regulated the activities of TVDE (aka UBER and BOLT), because they are harmful to the interests of taxi drivers. Aren’t scooters a means of competition with taxis?

It shouldn’t be long before we start seeing abandoned electric scooters in gardens, on pavements, around corners, in streams, lakes and fountains.

In Spain, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​they are banned in pedestrian zones and on pavements. In Sweden, they regulated their electricity. In Germany, there is also a ban on walking on the sidewalks. In the UK they are only allowed on private land. Italy is preparing to regulate its use. Anyone who knows Lisbon these days knows the problem that scooters represent.

What we need is less copying and more intelligence in policy making.

5. “The government is speeding up the privatization of TAP and wants to complete it in 2023,” read the media. I am part of a group that has been talking about this need for years. That was the only way to solve the TAP problem. Real privatization. After more than 3 billion euros were stolen from taxpayers, the socialist state finally decided to listen to the voice of reason and privatize the so-called the flagship of the airline company, which until now, in the wake of its wisdom, should have been under state control. They called us zealots, religious fanatics, radicals, only to follow the path we indicated as the most feasible years later. We could have avoided all of this. But when we talk about socialists, would we expect anything else?

6. By the regional government of Madeira, in 2023, more and more will happen. From the marina, Lugar de Baixo to the tunnel that runs through the capital. Looks like there’s an election next year.

7. I think everything has been said about Costa’s plan to give some money to people who earn up to 2,700 euros gross in October, after being denied for the fiscal year throughout the year. I took the opportunity to find out what Miguel Albuquerque thought about the subject. He talked, talked, talked and only said one thing correctly: the support of 2.4 billion euros is “important”, noting that it is “in line with what the PSD presented” in May of this year.

That is, he recognizes that orange socialism equals pink socialism.

8. “The queen is dead. Long live the king”.

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